Careful planning before a project is the foundation upon which all successful construction projects are built. Over the years, experience has shown that as much as 80 percent of the project’s budget and schedule control reside with the design phase of the project. Therefore, careful planning can greatly affect a building’s budget and construction schedule. Our experience with our thorough pre-construction processes enables us to see the overall picture to ensure our designs and plans will attain our clients’ objectives.

With Miller Architects & Builders design-build firm, the overall construction process consists of three phases: pre-construction, construction, and post-construction, with two sub-phases included in the pre-construction phase.

Phase 1: Schematic Design Services

We will ensure all our client’s needs are evaluated carefully along with the entire project’s outside needs. This can include the job site surveying, permit requirements, budget requirements, and project timelines.

A new facility, a building remodel, or a newly leased space will require a space programming function. This means we will work closely with tenant agencies to develop optimal space planning standards (the best ways to use various spaces in a facility).

Feasibility studies are performed to evaluate whether a project can move from the concept stage to the next stages, including preplanning and construction.

This step involves analyzing the site selection based on several factors including: location, topography, environmental impact, potential excavation costs, utilities, road access and size. We can also compare various sites and help you determine the best building location.

If a client’s already-existing facility is in need of a complete remodel or extension, our team will assess the structural integrity and location of the building, as well as assess the existing internal systems.

Once we’ve finalized the building location, we will then begin prepping the site for construction. We will make assessments pertaining to the building’s location, measurements, sustainability needs, etc. We will also gather all necessary documentation you may have, including applicable records, building code requirements, pre-permits, and more.

This phase is where our architects will develop rough sketches of their visions for the building’s floor plans, taking size and space programming into consideration.

This pertains to all structural and artistic designs for the building’s exterior. This includes structure design, doors and entrances, window placements, special features, etc.

The conceptual estimates are given during this phase to determine the overall scope of the client’s vision and whether the budget and vision align. Several budget options may need to be reviewed at this time.

Each city or county’s zoning board or authority regulates property use for commercial and industrial construction. We will take care of obtaining necessary building permits and zoning variances prior to construction.

A project’s schedule is a key component for any construction project. Developing a schedule for the project and setting project date milestones will keep everything on track.

Once all of the initial design and planning services are complete, we will present all information to the client, including cost estimates and timelines.

Before a project can officially get started, all financing must be in place. We can assist with developing financing options as well as fundraising opportunities.

Phase 2: Pre-Construction Planning

Following our initial meeting with the client, we will be able to develop a more thorough process of understanding the project. As our team outlines an overall strategy and assembles a team, our architects assigned to any one project will begin working on the facility’s initial design schemes.

Not only will our team of experienced construction managers and engineers provide both a cost and schedule estimate for your design/build project, we will utilize our estimating and quantity take-off software throughout the course of the pre-construction and construction phases to keep an up-to-date unit cost database for our clients.

Miller Architects & Builders’ approach to value engineering maximizes how every dollar is spent on a project. This component is critical to our process and a project’s overall success.

Every aspect of the pre-construction process is carefully documented. It’s vital our construction managers keep track of important information, such as decisions made by estimators, contractors, and the owner.

One seemingly small aspect of a construction project has the potential to bring the entire thing to a crashing halt: the schedule. The predetermined schedule becomes the measuring tool for which the construction manager measures every milestone of a project. That’s why we take extra care in developing a timeline that will hold true to an owner’s needs.

City and state codes require specific building permits depending on the facility’s location and the type of facility you wish to build. Your construction manager will be sure to work with you in obtaining necessary building code requirements and permits, as well as receive documented approval to build by the city and/or state.

Before a project can get started, all financing must be in place. When we say “in place,” we mean that while an owner or contractor isn’t required to have every dollar immediately available, all sources of financing should at least be identified and supported by formal funding commitments.

“Open book” during this phase means that our clients will see every detail at every step of the bidding and construction processes. This includes the quantity and unit costs for all building systems, subcontractor proposals, and more.

With our architects and construction experts involved in all phases of a project, our clients’ design principles will never be up for reinterpretation. Our extensive portfolio of completed projects in a multitude of industries proves why Miller Architects & Builders is leading the industry in successful pre-construction and construction projects. For more information about pre-construction services, contact us at 320-251-4109 today.

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