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All building construction projects require various forms of leadership and project management, and deciding which construction management company will lead those management efforts is an important task. The best decision will make a large difference in the construction project’s efficiency, timeline, and budget.

A construction manager’s duty is to handle all aspects of the construction process, and Miller Architects & Builders provides unmatched construction project management services for every project.

Miller Architects & Builders has the ability to serve as either the construction manager “Agent” or “Constructor.” In other words, we can serve as either the Construction Manager or the Construction Manager At-Risk, so it’s important to ensure the project owner is fully educated on each management service before making the decision. Contact us today to learn more!

Traditional Construction Management

For clients who choose our traditional construction management services, Miller Architects & Builders manages the project on behalf of the owner from conception to completion.

With the traditional construction management roles, the owner is the central decision maker in all aspects of hiring for a particular project. This means the owner hires the architect (designer), construction manager, and also the necessary subcontractors needed to fulfill the project.

In other words, the owner holds the contracts of the trade contractors. Though rest assured, as the construction manager, we help the owner manage/make critical decisions about a project based on a fee. Work on the preconstruction phase and the construction phase may proceed concurrently.

Our Work

Owner Advantages of Traditional Construction Management

  • Construction manager helps with owner responsibilities | As the construction manager for a project, Miller Architects & Builders is responsible exclusively for the owner. Though the owner holds all contracts in the project, we will act in the owner’s interests when making decisions.
  • Owner chooses the subcontractors | As the primary holder of all project-related contracts, the owner is responsible for choosing the subcontractors required to complete the project. This gives the owner complete freedom to choose the contractors he/she prefers and fits within his/her budget.
  • Manage the design and construction phases | Because Miller Architects & Builders is a design-build company, we will be able to handle both the design and construction phases of the project, no matter the construction management type.
  • Control time, cost, and quality | Miller Architects & Builders works in the best interest of the owner, therefore throughout the entire construction process, we will ensure all aspects of the project remain according to plan, including the schedule and budget.

Construction Management At-Risk

With construction management at-risk, Miller Architects & Builders is selected as sole construction manager of a project and also acts as an advisor to the owner early in the development and design phases. This means we will be the sole point of contact for the owner throughout the entire project. We will not only manage every aspect of the project on behalf of the owner, we will take care of all hiring all necessary subcontractors for the project.

Miller assumes the risk for construction performance, works under a guaranteed price, and holds all contracts with subcontractors and material suppliers. We work closely with the design team to examine alternate materials, systems, and equipment for cost, quality and availability. Early coordination fosters collaboration and focuses the entire team on budget, schedule, constructability, and finding the best solutions for your construction project.

Owner Advantages of Construction Manager At-Risk

  • Cost control starts from the beginning | A successful construction manager at-risk project involves hiring the construction manager prior to hiring the architect. This ensures a set budget and timeline can be established before all other pre-construction aspects begin.
  • Project’s risk rests with the construction manager | Because all the project risk is passed onto the construction manager, the owner reduces his or her potential risks.
  • We take care of subcontractor hiring | Owners can leave the hiring expertise to us. With CM at-risk, an owner won’t have to stress about finding the best for his/her particular project.
  • We handle all design and construction phases | With the traditional construction management setup, the owner would typically have to choose an architect separate from the chosen construction company, or choose his/her own design-build company. With Miller Architects & Builders’ at-risk approach, we would handle all aspects of the design and construction without extra oversight needed from the owner.

Whichever delivery method is selected, the process of turning concepts into structures and places requires a team of professionals understanding and working together to manage your project.

Construction Management Services for Any Project

Whether creating architectural designs, performing all pre-construction and construction tasks, or managing a construction project, the construction management services at Miller Architects & Builders will always fall in line with the best interests of the client. For more information about our construction management services, contact us at 320.251.4109.

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