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1960 Miller Home Improvement Center
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The Miller Architects & Builders you know today traces a family tradition back to Fred H. Miller—a youthful immigrant from Germany who arrived in Nebraska in 1874 and took up the carpenter’s trade. Read about how Fred Miller’s passion for carpentry and building created the legacy known as Miller Architects & Builders.

1874 Fred Miller Photo
Fred H. Miller was born in Scheissenghausen, Neinburg, Germany in 1857 and moved to American in 1874 at the age of 17. He located in Lincoln, Nebraska, and there, he learned the carpentry trade. Fred’s eldest son, Wilhelm Miller, also chose carpentry and contracting as his trade. Wilhelm’s work was primarily remodeling and specialty work, known as barn straightening and repair for farm buildings.
1900 Wilhem J Miller
From 1900-1930, Wilhelm continued with farm building repair and construction and barn straightening. He ventured into worship construction some time in 1916.
1930 Albert Miller
Wilhelm’s eldest son, Albert “Al” Miller, joined him in the trade.
History 1936 Farm Constr After
Albert F. Miller expanded the business in farm repair and new farm construction, working in areas of North and South Dakota and Minnesota. Albert proceeded to expand the business into residential and commercial remodeling.
1950 Jim Miller
Albert unexpectedly passed away, and the business was taken over by his wife and eldest son, James “Jim” W. Miller. A year later, Jim Miller purchased the business from his mother and continued with farm construction. A short time later, he started to build new homes, residential remodeling work, and construction work.
History 1960 Steel Buildings
A division was added to the company to construct pre-engineered steel buildings and pursue commercial and industrial building.
1960 Miller Home Improvement Center
Miller Lumber and Supply was formed to sell retail construction materials.
Miller Construction was Incorporated.
Miller hired its first architectural draftsman and set up its own drafting department.
History 1968 Miller Home Improvement
Miller Lumber and Supply became Miller Home Improvement Center.
History 1970 Tim Jim Copy
The Real Estate Division was formed. In the same year, Tim and Dan Miller started working with their father, Jim Miller.
History 1972 Wausau Homes
Miller purchased Penalt & Truzinski Architects to provide design-build services. In the same year, the Wausau Department was formed to market factory build homes.
History 1974 Multifamily
The company expanded into multiple dwelling construction (apartments) as a separate division.
The Property Management Division was added in 1976 to help manage the Real Estate Division.
1980 Prime Rate
The company expanded in motel building and management as a separate division. Prime Rate Inc. formed, which was a franchised motel chain that Miller built and managed.
In the early 1980s, Miller saw the construction industry in a recession that affected many construction firms. Miller did some re-evaluating, slimmed down some of the divisions, and moved forward.
Tim and Dan Miller purchased the construction and architectural business from their father Jim Miller. To this day, Jim Miller still owns and runs Miller Properties and Investments.
Tim and Dan Miller changed the company name from Miller Construction to Miller Architects & Builders.
Miller Architects & Builders added Median Construction Division.
Dan Miller purchased the construction and architectural business from his brother Tim.
Dan Miller partnered in ownership with Joe Seifert (President) and Dave TeBrake (Executive Vice President)—two long-standing employees.
Miller Architects & Builders continues to expand in the Midwest with design and construction for funeral homes, worship facilities, senior health care, hotels, manufacturing/industrial, commercial/retail, and multi-family projects. Miller Architecture Inc. is growing with expansion into municipal and educational facilities.
Brad Torok2022
Brad Torok, AIA, Director of Architecture, joined the ownership of Miller Architects & Builders along with Dan Miller, Joe Seifert, and Dave TeBrake. Brad has been employed with Miller since 1992.
Chris Hogan, AIA, LEED AP, CID, Architect, and Jesse Brenny, Development Consultant/Project Manager joined the ownership team of Miller Architects & Builders along with Dan Miller, CEO, Joe Seifert, President, Dave TeBrake, Executive Vice President, and Brad Torok, Director of Architecture. Chris has been employed with Miller since 2010 as an architect. Jesse has been with Miller since 2003. Jesse started as a Carpenter, was later promoted to Project Superintendent, then to Project Manager, and now to Development Consultant/Project Manager.