With Miller Architects & Builders, our mission is to provide our clients with a smooth post-construction experience. To accomplish this, our team must identify and resolve any potential issues well before the facility’s doors officially open. During the post-construction phase, you (the client) will continue to see our careful pre-construction planning shine through to the end. This is because we start every project by planning for quality. From there, we embed quality aspects into every step along the way to help us eliminate potential problems, plan for effective turnover, and ensure you will not be bothered by future building system issues.

It’s important to note that our careful planning for turnover starts in the design phase. Our design-build approach allows us to work closely with all teams to coordinate with relevant inspectors and define and implement your building occupancy plan. And following the construction of your new facility, our project managers will ensure the necessary steps are taken so you can begin using your facility.

Phase 4: Post-Construction Phase

If the facility we design and build requires people to occupy it at any given time, the building owner must obtain the proper occupancy permits from the city or county in which the facility is located. Our project manager will assist with obtaining the necessary permits following construction, so users can legally occupy the building.

We offer our warranty guarantee for every project we deliver. Following the construction phase, our project manager will review every warranty promised and agreed upon with our clients. This will ensure our clients are fully aware of outstanding warranties ahead of time before the building fully transitions into their hands. Miller Architects & Builders promises to uphold any and all warranties laid out in our written contracts.

Otherwise known as record drawings or red-line drawings, “as-built” drawings are documents that allow us to compare and contrast the original-designed structure drawing with the final product. In other words, they are the revised drawings completed by our professionals following the completion of a project. The drawings reflect all changes that were made during the construction process. These drawings include building modifications, field changes, shop drawing changes, and extra added works.

A commercial facility’s mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems will require future on-site staff to be able to understand and maintain them. Therefore, following the construction phase, we will spend time educating the building’s owner as well as operations staff on proper equipment use and upkeep. We will also hand off all operations manuals so they can be used for future reference.

Typically performed about six months after project completion, our project team will conduct the post-construction evaluation. We will evaluate the development, procurement, delivery, and overall commissioning process of the project. Not only will we ensure your facility is working properly according to the client’s initial goals, we will utilize the review to identify processes and techniques worth incorporating into future projects.

The team at Miller Architects & Builders stands behind its work. Our post-construction goal is to ultimately address all final evaluations and paperwork and stick to the predetermined turnover plan. And following the official turnover, you’ll never be left in the dark. Our team will be in touch on a regular basis to ensure all outstanding items are completed correctly, even after you’ve settled in.

With Miller Architects & Builders, it is our mission that a building construction project is done right from start to finish. Where many design-build firms carefully plan out their pre-construction and construction phases, they can easily neglect the important post-construction phase. Miller Architects & Builders ensures every aspect receives careful planning, even after the handoff, so our clients can feel comfortable once the facility is fully in their hands.

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