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Why Is the Post-Construction Phase So Important?

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Your new building is almost done and you’re getting ready to move in. You’re thrilled to bits! While we at Miller Architects & Builders absolutely share in your excitement, as commercial contractors, we know that many new building owners find themselves woefully underprepared for the massive to-do list that comes after construction is complete.

In industry-specific jargon, we call this the “post-construction” phase. Because we’re a comprehensive commercial construction company, one who offers support from the architectural design phase to post construction, we’re here to remedy this.

But why all this hoopla? Why can’t you and your employees just move right into your new build and go on with your working lives? You paid for it, after all, and it’s yours! While we’ve previously detailed what to expect during the post-construction phase on our blog, here we’ll take a look at why it needs to happen in the first place.

The Post-Construction Phase Is Unskippable

Post-construction is more than a formality; It’s a series of procedures put in place to ensure your satisfaction. By dotting its I’s and crossing its T’s, your commercial contractor during the post-construction phase makes sure that everything suits your needs perfectly and that the job is completed to your exact specifications.

In a more specific sense, the post-construction phase:

●      Keeps you and future occupants safe.

Post-construction companies should show you around your new building and demonstrate how to use its various features safely. Without this procedure you’d be left figuring integral parts of your building out on your own—which is, of course, a recipe for disaster!

●      Ensures you get your money’s worth.

The post-construction phase is your opportunity to ask your commercial contractor to fix things you may not be completely satisfied with, making sure you get what you paid for and deserve.

●      Keeps future occupants comfortable.

Oftentimes, your commercial contractor will return to test integral parts of your building that could not be assessed during the season of construction. This allows them to address any hypothetical issues before time is of the essence because, say, your heating system is rendered ineffective in the wintertime.

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