At Miller Architects & Builders, we stand above all others in the commercial contracting industry. Our experienced team and innovative approaches to new construction projects make for a successful project every time. We will provide the outstanding commercial construction services by managing each project with effective communication and close supervision. And with our design-build approach, we will be able to oversee every aspect of the project, from pre-construction planning and architectural design to post-construction.

Phase 3: Construction Phase

With the design-bid-build approach, most construction managers oversee only the construction portion of the project. But with Miller Architects & Builders’ design-build approach, our construction management services begin from project fruition to completion. We offer two construction management options: general construction management or construction management at-risk.

When it comes to the structural electrical, mechanical, plumbing engineering elements of your project, we can handle all general contracting duties. And as the owner, you will only have to deal with one point of contact every time: Miller Architects & Builders.

Your project manager will oversee and take responsibility for all aspects of the building’s pre-construction, construction, and post-construction phases. It’s the project manager’s responsibility to ensure the project runs smoothly, stays on schedule, and on budget.

Rest assured, project and construction managers from Miller Architects & Builders will be on site every single day to ensure all aspects of the project are happening correctly and according to the designated timeline, whether we’re overseeing our own build team or our subcontractors.

With Miller Architects & Builders, you’ll never be out of the loop. Throughout the entire construction phase, our team will meet with you one-on-one to keep you up to date on all aspects including analyzing the budget, addressing timelines, and more.

With the ever-changing quality roles in the design-build industry, it’s vital that all responsible quality parties are clearly stated beforehand. This ensures there will be no changes in the core quality assurance functions throughout the construction process.

During the construction process, it’s important the project stay on track in regard to budget, which was predetermined in the pre-construction phase. No matter what can arise during a project, we will ensure it stays in line with the determined cost plan.

Throughout the construction process, Miller Architects & Builders utilizes powerful construction scheduling software to track staff, equipment, and project timelines. This provides us will real-time access to all scheduling information from the field to further minimize the number of completion days.

With every construction project, there is heavy equipment necessary. We provide the rigging, lifting, and hauling plans and installation services for any equipment necessary.

Prior to the official construction process is the start-up process. We will work with our team, as well as the subcontractors to develop the start-up plan and documentation necessary.

With just about 150 years in the construction and design-build industry, Miller Architects & Builders has created lifelong relationships with commercial subcontractors in the central Minnesota area. No matter the project’s location, we can utilize your preferred subcontractors or other local companies for your project.

Once all of the initial design and planning services are complete, we will present all information to the client, including cost estimates and timelines.

Before a project can officially get started, all financing must be in place. We can assist with developing financing options as well as fundraising opportunities.


Company Commitment | Miller Architects & Builders maintains a commitment to safety in the field. We’re dedicated to preserving the safety of our employees, subcontracted teams, and clients when they visit the job site. All members of our team, including architects, project and construction managers, and builders work hard to ensure safe and healthy working conditions. This includes instructing employees in safe job site practices and informing workers beforehand of potential workplace hazards. Our commitment to safety and implementing important training and inspection programs puts Miller Architects & Builders ahead of the game in the industry.

OSHA Compliance | Miller Architects & Builders is an OSHA Partnering Agreement Member. Our construction managers are OSHA certified, meaning all job sites and equipment used follows all OSHA regulations. Throughout each project, we also ensure any partners and subcontractors follow the same commitment to worker safety and health.

With Miller Architects & Builders, it’s vital we maintain reputation and trust with our clients. We are paving the way in the commercial contracting and construction industry. To learn more about our commercial construction services, contact us at 320-251-4109 today.

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