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How Much Input Should I Have on My New Commercial Building?

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You just can’t wait for your commercial construction company to start work on your new building idea, and of course you can’t wait for them to finish! A new building, no matter the industry its purpose serves, is a smart investment, to say the least. It streamlines business, boosts worker morale, and does great things for your company’s brand. Plus, it’s just so darn exciting to own something made just for you!

Any commercial construction management company would tell you at this pre-construction stage that you’ve got a long road ahead of you before your new building is complete. While you can rest easy knowing a responsible commercial construction business like Miller will handle all the heavy lifting, you may wonder what the start-to-finish building process will look like – and how much influence and autonomy you should have during it.

You Are In Control of How Much Say You Have

Some people want a lot of influence over the commercial construction process. They want to select everything down to the subcontractors. For those people, standard construction management allows the level of control they want.

For others who want a stronger guiding hand, at-risk construction project management might be a better fit. You’re free to choose the type of management that best fits your needs. We at Miller Architects & Builders are proficient in both.

No matter what kind of construction project management you choose, the company you work with should respect your role in the process. When you work with Miller Architects & Builders:

●      We always acknowledge your concerns as valid.

Yes, even if the concern in question might seem a little silly to a seasoned commercial construction management company voicing worries is a part of a healthy client-construction project company relationship, one that respects the autonomy and opinions of the customer.

●      We allow you to have the final say.

This might look a little different depending on if that say will compromise the structural integrity of the building, of course. However, generally speaking, you have the right to make crucial decisions about the project if you so choose.

●      We provide advice on potential decision outcomes.

You should have access to the company’s entire wealth of knowledge as a client. Your construction project management partner needs to see you as an autonomous decision-making lynchpin, and they thus must help you make informed choices to preserve the integrity of the project.

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