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Top Architectural Trends for 2021

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When it comes to architectural design, there certainly is something to be said about the power of trends. If your construction product is marvelously modern, it conveys a with-the-time business model, or products and services that are cutting edge and cater to the forward-thinking customer. In many industries, such as office work and healthcare, a contemporary style can thus be quite the client draw!

But what does “modern” look like right now? The word has changed definition throughout the ages. What was “modern” in 1920 is now old-school in the present. To fully reap the aforementioned benefits of a trendily designed building, your company must therefore fully understand the architectural design field today – and that may require hours of research that you have no time for.

What you do have time for is partnering with the efficient, forward-designing crew at Miller Architects & Builders. Our construction project management and architectural design services are tailored to your needs and preferences. We understand which contemporary architecture trends bring value to your business – and when the classics are more suited to your style.

Trends Can Be Tricky

Because different buildings serve different purposes and different industries have different target demographics, what happens to be in vogue in any one field can be different from what is so in another. In more plain terms: trends are both time and industry-dependent. Even though the following tend to be quite fashionable, please speak with a commercial contractor and an architect to determine if they’re right for your dream building.


Minimalism never goes out of style. Clean lines and little clutter can convey an air of serenity and polish without completely alienating visitors emotionally. For some industries, like healthcare, this is exactly the effect that makes clients feel at home.


Sustainable building is always in demand. Being eco-conscious has been in style for years now, and it won’t become obsolete anytime soon. Feel good about making your dream building with sustainable commercial contractor work from Miller.


Check out a chic industrial style for your new office building. You want your workers to feel both professional and at ease, so give them an environment which fosters both of those equally. Brick walls and hardwood floors are classy, yet not-too-stuffy ways to bring a touch of modernity and personality into an otherwise depressing and drab office space.

Contact Miller Architects & Builders for Trend-Savvy Architectural Design Services

Our multidisciplinary expertise makes us innovative, but our attention to each individual industry we specialize in makes us style savvy. To bring your trendy dream building into reality, give our Saint Cloud office a call today at 320-251-4109.