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What Is Sustainable Building and Is It Right for You?

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Sustainability. We’re all probably familiar with the term on some level, even if we’ve only heard it in passing from an ad or politician’s speech. You most likely have a hunch that it has something to do with the environment, and you’d be right.

To be sustainable, in the broad sense, means to leave something, usually that relates to the planet, in an equal or better state compared to the one you found it in. In an even broader sense, it can also mean operating with the environment in mind, whatever that may mean in a given context.

Many industries today are getting on the sustainability bandwagon, even the architectural design and construction project management ones, and even us at Miller Architects & Builders. Why? Aside from sustainability obviously being an ethical practice, it also serves as a draw for a variety of customer demographics. People want to feel good about whom they do business with, and they want to know that their company of choice supports similar causes as they do.

Sure, sustainability benefits us at Miller, but does hiring a sustainability focused construction management company like us actually benefit your building and your results?

Reap the Benefits of Sustainable Building Solutions

In the same way that sustainability helps other companies like us, it can help you, too. When your building is green, your customers – be them shoppers, representatives from other businesses, you name it – will take note that your company is one that has made an ethical decision. What’s a better customer draw than a company that does the right thing?

Pretty much any business can benefit from a sustainable building, but they’re an especially awesome choice for businesses that want to…

Save on Energy Costs

Building sustainable means minimizing your building’s environmental impact. That also means minimizing your future energy needs, resulting in smaller bills and a more affordable facility.

Power Up Your Public Image

A new and sustainable building is an advertising campaign all on its own! Get your business the attention of the countless eco-conscious by building sustainably.

Take Care of Your Community’s Future

When you opt for a sustainable building, you’re choosing a path that consumes fewer single-use resources and builds a brighter future for not only your company, but your industry and community as a whole.

Contact Miller A&B and Make Your New Building Green

Make the ethical choice: Build sustainably, and hire a commercial contractor who practices the concept every day in ways both obvious and discreet. Give our Saint Cloud office a call today at 320-251-4109.