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Choosing the Right Site for Your Funeral Home

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Funeral homes provide an essential service, so it’s only natural that you want your funeral home construction project to provide that service conveniently. While sound commercial construction work and smart architectural design do play a huge role in this (our team at Miller A&B would know), they’re not the only ingredients needed to make a perfect build.

The right location is also paramount. No two lots are the same.

By knowing what to look for, you can find “the perfect fit.”

The Perfect Fit

Your commercial construction company will want to find a suitable lot before architectural design begins. You’ll need to inform your commercial contractor what square footage you’d like your building to be. They will then search for a lot that is appropriately sized and zoned for your specific needs.

Your ideal lot…

●        Fits your budget

●        Generously accommodates your new build

●        Has room for potential future expansion, especially if expansion is definitely in your future

●        Has enough parking to meet permit requirements

●        Has a potential purpose for every square foot, even if it’s just landscaping

Consider Proximities

Of course, you can’t position a building within reach of every potential customer. But you can make it easier for those in need to find you!

By situating your funeral home construction near a main roadway or town, it becomes simple to locate for potential clients. Even in the age of the modern GPS and the internet, a business that’s too far off the beaten path might have issues attracting customers. “Pleasantly private” is one thing, but “hard to find” is another.

Considering putting your lot in close proximity to a church is also advantageous, as many churches have land that can be properly zoned for your needs.

Consider Ease of Entrance and Exiting

Being able to get to your lot’s general location is important , but actually being able to easily enter it is also critical for its success.

Potential clients shouldn’t need to execute complex driving maneuvers just to get into the parking lot or make sudden swerves into turn lanes. Finding a space that makes obtaining services easy helps to create a positive experience.

Remember City Ordinances and Business Zoning

At the end of the day, city regulations and zoning will also be determining factors in whether a lot is feasible.

It can be difficult to understand why a lot may be designated for commercial use if it’s right next to a residential area, but zoning laws exist for a reason: to keep cities and their inhabitants healthy and happy with where they live.

Miller Architects & Builders: Saint Cloud Commercial Construction Pros

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