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6 Guidelines for Designing Parking for Your New Building

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A new build is certainly exciting! Whether you’re embarking on a senior living construction project or a new church, you’re probably awash with architectural design ideas, brainstorming new ways to improve employee and customer interactions with your business’s new facility.

But don’t forget parking!

It might not be the most thrilling thing to think about, but where people store their cars – and whether they’re able to store them quickly and easily – has a direct impact on the quality of the experience they have with your company.

Plus, as we’ll get into below, it takes a little more forethought than you might expect to make a great parking lot design.

Figuring Out Flow

You can’t predict the exact path that every single person will drive in your lot, but you can use entrances, points of interest, traffic signs, and exits to predict a generalized traffic flow. Efficiency in this respect is paramount to seamless and stress-free parking, but it can be hard for drivers to figure out where they’re supposed to go without the proper markings and signs.

To prevent parking lot panics, use signs in high-congestion areas, even if they’re redundant. Clearly indicate places where parking is prohibited, and keep pedestrian movements in mind, as well.

In short, take steps to take the guesswork and spontaneity out of parking to reduce the potential for accidents and quicken parking time.

Stay Safe

Day and night, absolutely everyone deserves to feel comfortable using your parking lot. Take proactive steps to ensure safety issues don’t happen.

This can, but doesn’t have to, deal with parking itself. Concrete wheel barriers, for example, help keep pedestrians from injury, but so does good lighting design.

Designing for Longevity

Your parking lot undergoes a lot of daily strain as it serves its purpose, and on top of that it has to do so without protection from bad weather. Parking lots should be laid to prevent standing water, as prolonged moisture can prove severely detrimental to the material below.

Finding the proper thickness for your lot is also important. Lots that cater to large trucks, for example, need a more robust depth than lots designed for lighter use.

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