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What We Look For in an Employee At Miller

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At Miller Architects & Builders, we know that our employees, both past and present, are at the heart and soul of what we do. They make possible our dream of bringing the highest quality commercial construction services to deserving firms everywhere. Without their hard work and dedication, our company wouldn’t have risen out of its humble beginnings in the 1800s to become the thriving, multi-state entity that it is today.

To you, our potential client, we ask the following: what better asset is there to judge the quality of a company on—specifically a construction management company like us—than the quality of its workers? Like we stated above, workers are the backbone of what a company is and what it hopes to be in the future. Any business CEO can speak about their mission statement, but workers make up a substantial part of what it means to carry out that mission.

While we at Miller can’t speak for all our employees in a single blog post—they all are diverse, with individual strengths we appreciate—we’ll share a few characteristics we look for and praise in our workers below.

Understand What it Takes to Work for Miller

As a commercial contractor and a provider of architectural design services, we pride ourselves on hiring some of the finest in both industries. This means that we’re picky; not just anyone is cut out to work for Miller Architects & Builders! While any number of strengths and carefully cultivated skills might come in handy as an employee of ours, the following are non-negotiable.

●        Problem-solving skills | We view ourselves as providers of solutions to your building-related problems. All of our employees mustn’t shy away from said problems upon hearing of them. They must embrace and question them, digging deeper to discover their source and solution.

●        A strong work ethic | Being an architect or working in construction management certainly isn’t easy, but our workers are all ready to put in the work to see even the most challenging tasks through. This shines through in the physical fruits of our labor and our seemingly countless happy clients.

●        An out-of-the-box mind | There are times when hard work can’t solve problems on its own. That’s where innovation comes in. Our employees possess strong minds that can think their way around problems, sometimes circumnavigating them before they even arise.

If You’re Looking for the Best in Construction Project Management, Look No Further

You’ve found it in Miller Architects & Builders. Give our Saint Cloud office a call now at 320-251-4109 and get ready to make your custom-building aspirations reality.