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I’m on a Budget. What Type of Construction Management is Right for Me?

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It seems as though money is of concern to everyone these days, and for a good reason. Times are certainly getting tough out there—but don’t let it deter you from investing in the building of your dreams. A conscientious commercial contractor combined with smart, industry-specific architectural design can draw new customers in, boost your business, and inspire a sense of employee pride in your company. All of these things are certainly necessary given current times, after all!

Though investing in a custom building is always a smart choice, if money is of great concern to you, you must go about the process intelligently and inform yourself before making any commitments. At Miller Architects & Builders of Saint Cloud, we believe that an informed customer is a happier customer—hence why we’re here to help you learn about one particularly budget-friendly construction project management style.

Discover an Economic Approach to Commercial Construction

Commercial construction management—the orchestrating of a project—is approached in one of two ways: via standard or at-risk construction management. Both methods, when practiced by a skilled company like Miller, can be great fits for a variety of companies; neither is inherently better than the other. However, when the budget of our client is of utmost concern, we recommend at-risk construction management for a variety of reasons.

●        In this management style, we can guarantee you a maximum price| This is called a “guaranteed maximum price”—“GMP” for short. While we work to stick within budgeting parameters while working in both construction management styles, the practice can be unpredictable, and staff pricing variable. At-risk construction management grants you financial peace of mind because the cost control starts at the very beginning of the process. We give you a GMP before setting out to truly begin the project, which makes money matters more predictable for you.

●        We’ll hire out all the subcontractors | You won’t need to waste time (money, in other words) researching and sorting through various subcontractors, hoping desperately to find one that fits within your budget. Let the industry experts at Miller handle it; your pocketbook and mental state will both thank you.

●        Additional costs beyond the GMP become our obligation | That’s the “at-risk” part of “at-risk construction management.” If the cost isn’t the result of something that you, the owner, decide to change about the project, we will take full responsibility.

Contact Miller Architects & Builders for Innovative At-Risk Construction Management

We’ve been in the business since the 1800s. We know construction. If you’re ready to make your building dreams a reality, you deserve the kind of quality that only can come from such experience. Give us a call now at 320-251-4109.