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Is Traditional or Forward-Thinking Architectural Design Better?

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As a business owner, you know that, in order to stand out, you must adopt new strategies and embrace innovation. Drawing in customers is all about being different and novel, about setting yourself apart from your competition. However, you also know that there’s something to be said about sticking to the traditional values of great service, empathy, compassion, and understanding. Therefore, succeeding as a company is all about a balance between these two concepts. Too traditional and you risk falling behind the times, but too innovative, and you risk potential customers not grasping your vision.

If you’re thinking about investing in architectural design services for your new building, you might wonder if a similar approach would be useful. Does the value of tradition versus innovation change if you’re an architect catering to clients? While we can’t speak for providers of architectural design, we sure can speak for ours at Miller Architects & Builders and why we do things the way that we do. In short: you’re exactly correct that balance is the key to great design.

Our Balanced Approach to Architectural Design Ensures the Utmost in Client Satisfaction

We believe that, in order to provide the best in both construction project management and architectural design, a commercial contractor must look to both the past and future, so to speak. They must respect and build off of the client’s current brand while endeavoring to give voice to what that client wants to change about it. A balanced design approach, or one that values both innovation and tradition, helps to facilitate this in the following ways:

1.      It can ensure that returning customers recognize the client, should that client wish to be recognized, while drawing new customers in with a strikingly novel design.

2.      It takes the best out of what was working with the client’s previous design and combines it with improvements made to areas that looked not-so-great.

3.      It helps to create a building that’s instantly recognizable—say, as a funeral home or a worship building—while still being different enough to catch a potential new customer or worshipper’s eye as something worth investigating.

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