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3 Commercial Construction Features for an Efficient Office Space

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In today’s hustle-and-bustle office culture, your workers need to be more efficient than ever in order to keep up with the competition. Aside from implementing stress-busting office policies, you can do quite a bit to help your employees succeed in this respect – we’re talking about providing them with a space in which doing so is second nature.

If you’re looking at a construction project management company for a new office build, you’d be smart to consider the following features.

Open Office Plans: Great for Some, Not for Others

Yes, this sort of construction is all the rage these days, and for good reason. It allows chatty teams the collaborative sort of space they need to make great ideas and move your company forward. Plus, it makes bonding with one’s coworkers a cinch.

However, if your team tends to be on the more introverted side, collaboration isn’t a day-to-day feature, or privacy concerns might come into play, you might not have use for such a no-boundaries space. In fact, it could downright drag your team down!

Consult with your architect team or your construction management company to see if an open office plan would be smart for your future space and, if so, how such an expansive amount of square footage might be worked into your architectural design.

Consider a Hot-Desking Approach

No, we’re not talking about heated desk chairs, though that certainly would be nice! Hot-desking is office lingo for a space in which workers don’t always have to work from the same place – any table or desk is fair game.

This approach might benefit those sorts of teams who, while not exactly full of social butterflies, do appreciate a bit of socialization now and again. If hot-desking is a current or future work approach for your business, chat with your commercial construction management team so that they know to give your build adequate space and versatility.

Informal Spaces Make the Office Feel Like Home

Rooms that aren’t meeting spaces, per se, but still congregational in nature, can make the office feel appropriately laid-back – important for when employees need to take a breather on their lunch breaks. Your architectural design team can work to set aside building space for necessary team relaxation.

Miller Architects & Builders Is Your Number-One Office Contractor

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