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Should you Expand on Your Existing Building or Opt for a New Build?

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Change is always scary, especially when it comes to renovating your business. That’s your livelihood, after all; what happens if you make a change to your floor plan that doesn’t pay financial dividends in the long run?

All of the logistical factors surrounding change can make construction decisions difficult. Should you start anew or just expand? Miller Architects and Builders of Saint Cloud, Minnesota, is here not only to carry out the construction services, but also to advise you through the tough decision-making process.

When Expansion is Best

If finances are a concern, renovations and expansions are typically lower in cost. Expanding your current space might make sense if you like your building, and your location allows for renovation or expansion. If you just need to reorganize spaces for better efficiency or if you truly have run out of space for your staff and customers, an expansion may be in order—no need to uproot your business.

Because of all the facets that make up the construction process (architectural design and commercial contractors, just to name a few), costs can quickly ramp up. However, hiring a construction management company like Miller Architects and Builders can provide you with a better idea of how much you’ll be spending. We always have the best financial interests of the client at heart and work within established budgets.

When a New Build is Best

As your business evolves, you may not be able to address all of the deficiencies your current building has with a renovation or addition. If the differences are vast and expensive to overcome a fresh start is in order. Things to consider: functionality, efficiency, technology needs, and health and safety of your existing facility and how far away the facility is from meeting your requirements and your customers’ requirements right now. 

The cost of constructing a new building varies widely and is based on many factors, including, the project type and scope—worship, senior housing, funeral home, multi-family, etc. 

When deciding whether to build new, remodel or add an addition to an existing facility, it’s essential to look at all factors and considerations to make a fully-informed and well thought out decision that will benefit your business and bottom line.

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