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What Great At-Risk Construction Management Brings to Your Project

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Both general construction management and at-risk construction management have their pros and cons. At Miller, we do both, and while we always provide innovative, collaborative, top-notch service regardless of which option you choose, we fully understand that the efficacy of each approach varies depending on your needs. For example, a strapped-for-time businessman might struggle with overseeing general construction services. He might instead opt for at-risk construction management.

We at Miller excel at at-risk construction management; after all, we’ve been in the business since 1874. We know what we’re doing. But what exactly does that mean? What can our experienced at-risk construction management services bring to the table when it comes to your project?

Discover the Miller difference when it comes to at-risk construction management below.

Our At-Risk Construction Management Services are Collaborative

An inherent benefit of at-risk construction management is the comparative lack of oversight from the owner. Construction management companies that offer this service are the sole point of contact for the client during the entire architectural design and commercial construction process. While this means a stressless experience, with other companies, it can mean that the project’s eventual owner gets left in the dark about any number of things.

At Miller, we operate in a much more collaborative fashion. We work just as closely with our clients as we do with our subcontractors and design partners. When you purchase at-risk construction management from us, you hire Miller not to unfairly take over your project, but to solve problems related to it.

We’re determined to provide the highest quality construction services; client communication is a fundamental part of this for us.

Great At-Risk Construction Management Protects the Client’s Finances

A skilled construction management company like Miller can provide the client with an accurate GMP—a guaranteed maximum price—that the at-risk construction management services will not supersede. At Miller, we understand that cost is of concern to you in this economy; we always strive to provide an accurate GMP for any given project, and to control the costs as we go. Great at-risk construction management like ours provides the client with the peace of mind that comes with financial predictability.

Look no Further than Miller for the Best Construction Project Management

No matter which avenue you choose for your project, Miller has the expertise and determination to provide you with the best construction management services. We serve Saint Cloud, Duluth, Mora, and outstate Minnesota clients. To learn more about what we offer, contact us today at 1-800-722-1758.