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How to Know if your Planned Building Site poses Safety Risks

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When it comes to construction services, location is everything. Sure, you as the final owner of the project want a place that’s centrally located, easily accessible, and whose pre-existing terrain won’t pose too much of a financial hassle to smooth out. But what’s most important is safety—your safety, the safety of the building’s future occupants, and the safety of construction personnel. Above the obvious health hazards, of course, if a building location is unsafe, it can mean more money out of your pocket should an incident occur with your customers after completion.

At Miller Architects and Builders of Saint Cloud, the safety of all those involved in the commercial construction process is paramount. Below, you’ll find some of the common safety risks we assess for and learn how we work with you, the owner, to go about managing them.

Location-Based Risks for Construction Management Companies and Buildings

Construction is, by nature, a risky business. Simply put, working in construction makes for various safety concerns.

However, the construction process itself isn’t the only thing that’s hazardous. The location of the planned building site can also pose safety concerns that need to be mitigated for future building occupants. For example, constructing any building on a slope requires care on the part of the commercial contractor; soil testing must be done on steeply sloping lots to determine if the hypothetical building is at risk of groundwater damage. At Miller, we take great care to ensure you are well aware of any potential locational risks, and we will take action to mitigate them.

We Consider Soil Quality

In addition to location, soil is among the biggest deciding factors when it comes to future building safety. Once a building is in place, the foundation should not move; however, if the land is not properly developed, certain soil types of a homogeneous consistency can cause a great deal of shifting, which can lead to structural damage. Damage can also be caused if biodegradable material is left in the soil around your building. As that material decays, it will leave voids that will cause the ground to shift, resulting in an unstable foundation.

We at Miller take great care to assess the soil quality of any planned building site. You can rest easy knowing that our experienced team has you covered and will work to minimize any potential soil-based risks.

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