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Roofing for Commercial Construction: How to Make the Right Choice

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The constitution of your building’s exterior is just as important as that of the interior—and this goes for quality of design, too. After all, while employees and customers alike might spend more time inside, what the build looks like outside is a big part of what draws new clients in. A solid exterior also keeps your investment safe from harsh weather, like rain, heat, and snow.

A big part of what does the latter part of that job description: roofing. In commercial and residential builds alike, it helps a building to shed water, stay at a comfortable temperature, and stand strong against mold growth.

Those are big tasks—and there are many types of roofs on the market that can fulfil it. So what’s the right one for your commercial construction project?

Metal Roofing

Practical-looking builds are often clad with this type of roofing, but that doesn’t mean it’s just for industrial building construction! Modern innovation has made metal roofing a solid choice for builds who need form as well as function, such as small office suites. It’s so sleek and polished-looking, in fact, that high-end residential builds are even beginning to use it.

When properly taken care of, metal roofing lasts for decades, making it ideal for those who want a big return on their investment. Your commercial contractor might also recommend it if you’re interested in sustainable building, as these roofs can be made from recycled materials.

Shingled Roofing

Rarely seen in more utilitarian builds but a staple in apartment construction and the like, shingled roofing is friendly looking and stylistically versatile. If your business is looking to create a welcoming atmosphere, it can be a valuable tool in doing so.

This roofing type is affordable and easy to repair, and it too lasts quite a while when properly taken care of. It’s available in a variety of functionally different materials—everything from asphalt to ceramic—so talk through these options with your commercial contractor to find the perfect fit.

 Built-Up Roofing

Built structurally like a layered cake, these roofs are made by laying tar and supportive materials, then topping it off with gravel. They’ve been used in commercial construction for quite a while, which can be a testament to their durability and low-maintenance nature. Indeed, in these sturdy structures, each layer acts as a “failsafe” in relation to the one before it, giving your build multiple levels of protection. Your commercial contractor might suggest it if you’re looking for a low-fuss, yet reliable, roofing option.

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