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For over five generations Miller has brought creative spirit and industrious design to every project we’ve tackled. Why let inexperienced contractors, or contractors who don’t take pride in their work, build your manufacturing or industrial building? Our team of builders and architects understand the complexities and protocols of constructing your industrial or manufacturing facility. Our designers and builders are housed in the same building which enables faster communication, and faster project completion. Contact us today!

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Thomas Tool
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Stearns Electric
G & K – St. Paul
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Why Choose Miller?

As an industrial construction company, we view ourselves as the solution to your current facility’s woes. We understand that a new building can streamline business proceedings, ensure worker welfare, and make a positive impact on your company’s brand. We’re in the business of ensuring all of these happen, while also identifying physical problems in your previous building that might have stopped them from doing so.

Due to our solution-oriented mindset, we are able to provide a seamless customer experience like few other industrial building construction companies can, as well as deliver personalized and well-tailored results that streamline and add comfort to your facility’s workday.

Miller Architects & Builders is the ideal industrial construction company to make your dream building a reality, because:

  • We understand that every industrial building construction project is unique. Take a look at our portfolio. You’ll notice that we’ve been responsible for the creation of a diverse group of industrial buildings. At Miller Architects & Builders, we understand that every factory does things a bit differently, and we strive to create and construct buildings that reflect that fact and cater to our clients’ needs.
  • We handle your industrial building construction project from start to finish. No more playing phone tag with your architect to coordinate with your construction team. At Miller Architects & Builders, we’re proud to provide both architectural design and industrial building construction services. If you choose, you can get all the necessary services hassle-free and under one roof.
  • We provide individualized service for your individualized needs. We’ll work in general management or at-risk construction management – the choice is yours. We’re flexible, so just pick the approach that works best for your budget and schedule. It’s only another way we strive to meet your needs. Not sure what these terms mean? We’re happy to explain them to you.
  • We’re passionate about growth. In addition to client satisfaction, as an industrial construction company, we’re devoted to perfecting our skills. We work hard to always stay learning and to keep abreast of the latest industry trends. Industrial building construction is our passion, and we’re committed to any pursuit that allows us to better ourselves as providers of this service.

Work with a Team of Experienced Commercial Contractors

We’re all familiar with it: the large, grey cement-looking box on the side of the highway that’s the stereotypical image of an industrial building. It looks amateurish and too-regular, like it was designed by a novice commercial contractor just getting their feet wet in a computer-aided design program. While such buildings might be perfectly functional, they don’t send a positive message to the passerby about your brand or give a great impression to potential new workers. That’s why you must invest in only the best of industrial construction companies: Miller Architects & Builders of Saint Cloud.

We’d be privileged to make your industrial building construction dreams a reality. Let’s work together towards collective success! Give us a call now at 320-251-4109. We look forward to hearing from you!


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