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What an Ethical Construction Management Company Looks Like

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Ethics is a complicated topic. Right and wrong are often subjective and slippery things, shaped by life experience and values. However, when examining certain industries, right and wrong become a whole lot more concrete. For example, few people would argue that a cashier should be allowed to pocket a customer’s money, or that an auto mechanic should deem a client’s vehicle streetworthy when it truly isn’t. So, as it is in the construction project management industry, right and wrong are black and white here.

As a potential client of a commercial construction company, it benefits you greatly to know how an ethical commercial contractor will come off. Could you live with yourself if you found out you were paying for workers to be actively mistreated? Furthermore, there’s nothing saying that an unethical construction project management company wouldn’t come after your pocketbook!

Miller Architects & Builders, a Saint Cloud provider of architectural design services and construction management, is here to help you learn to spot an ethical contractor—and, hopefully, your next business partner. We pride ourselves on always doing the right thing, so who better to define it for the layperson?

Spotting an Ethical Contractor: The Basics

Can your contractor talk the talk and walk the walk? Sure, they may say they do the right thing, but if you dig a little deeper, you can very quickly come to a conclusion as to if they’re telling the truth.

●        Consider the contractor’s previous reviews | Satisfied, well-treated customers will speak for themselves. If a commercial contractor’s reviews on any platform are positive, the chances are that they’ve made solid ethical decisions in how they behave towards their clients.

●        Consider the contractor’s proposed timeline | While this can, of course, vary depending on the extensiveness of the project, if a timeline sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Your contractor should allow enough time for workers to do their jobs safely, as well as for you to promptly enjoy your new building. Contractors who do right are all about balance.

●        Consider how you are treated when you walk into the office | Are you welcomed warmly or brushed off and told to wait? If you are kindly asked to take a seat, does the waiting room cater to your comfort? Ethical contractors understand the value of their clients, and they’ll spare no effort to show them so.

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