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Construction Management or At-Risk Construction Management?

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Learning about an industry you have no experience in is hard; sometimes, the jargon and lingo used can seem like a foreign language! The problem is, if you’re a customer of an industry, learning what’s what is a necessary task, because it helps you make the right buying decision and gives you more autonomy.

Miller Architects and Builders is here to help, should you need either at-risk construction management or general construction management services. We offer both; therefore, regardless of which type of construction project management you decide is best for you, we are able to provide.

We get into the nitty-gritty of at-risk construction management and traditional construction management below.

Construction Management

Under this type of management, there tends to be a lot more work on the part of you, the client, though it does give more autonomy. The client hires commercial construction management or commercial contractors to oversee the construction process and advise; other tradespeople (subcontractors) are then selected and hired by the client to fill in the gaps. The client is responsible for all contracts they hold with said tradespeople. Preconstruction work and the tangible product may come into being simultaneously.

If you choose this approach, know that Miller’s detail-oriented, client-focused approach to construction service doesn’t change.

At-Risk Construction Management

This approach is, by far, the most cost-effective and stress-free way for the inexperienced individual to go about using construction services. With this approach, a management company is hired to help oversee all stages of the building process—from hiring subcontractors to helping to design the building itself. Though it might be slightly more expensive than more traditional construction services, the investment more than pays off in the long run, as hiring experienced personnel like those at Miller will save you from costly construction or architectural design mistakes.

In CM-at-risk, the hired management company is responsible for financial compensation if work exceeds the planned budget, meaning that your risk as the final owner of the project is lowered.

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Regardless of what kind of management you need, Miller Architects and Builders of Saint Cloud has you covered. Our innovative, solution-focused approach has made us stand out in the construction services industry for countless years. Give us a call at 320-251-4109 today or use our online form.