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How to Ensure Quality While Building Commercial Construction Projects

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In the commercial construction field, the word quality, in terms of results, is defined by a myriad of characteristics.

A quality build, for example, will be sturdy and have physical integrity, but it also must be stylish and appealing from the curb. It must accurately represent the business’s brand, extending the certain type of welcome the company intends towards its customers. It also needs to actively aid the business in providing a great customer experience via pleasant interior architectural design.

And all that’s not even a comprehensive list!

Getting that elusive “quality” quality therefore can be a little tricky, but as construction project management pros, Miller Architects & Builders is here with a few tips below.

Communicate With Your Commercial Contractor

A while back on our commercial construction management blog, we investigated the importance of communication in “Why Communication Is Crucial to Construction Project Management.”

Check that blog out for additional takes on why it matters, but the short version as it pertains to quality is this: quality is subjective in some senses, so your commercial contractor must be informed what it means to you.

While certain facets of quality are nonnegotiable (like a building that meets code requirements), other details like layout (to some degree) and style depend on a business’s tastes and needs. Without communication of these tastes and needs on your part, your commercial contractor will struggle to fulfil them.

Ensure Safe Workers

This, of course, is largely the responsibility of your construction project management company, as we covered in our blog “How Our Construction Managers Prioritize Safety in Spring Weather.”

The fact of the matter is that workers cannot follow the quality-ensuring construction plan if they’re too focused on keeping themselves safe. Construction companies must take OSHA-prescribed steps to assure them of their welfare.

Fully Defining the Scope of the Work

A work’s scope is a document that outlines everything from what is to be built to payment schedules and the method of construction management. Though it’s paperwork and not a physical part of your build, it’s essential to the quality of the results that your contractor is thorough in this step.

Without a clear scope of work, they cannot cater to the definition of quality that you and they have landed on during consultation.

Miller Architects & Builders: Commercial Contractors That Always Put Quality First

Ever since our humble beginnings as a construction project management company, we’ve strived to give one-hundred percent in everything we do, and we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. For all your construction needs, give our Saint Paul office a call today at 320-251-4109.