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How Malls Will Change in the Coming Years

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Shopping malls remain a veritable source of entertainment for all ages. From trendy clothing stores to those that sell heirloom jewelry, there’s something appealing for everyone there, and few spaces offer more bonding experiences as customers explore fashion and decor tastes and bond over a cross-generational palate for fast food.

But just like everything commercial construction, shopping malls are growing and changing with the times, and what we consider as such might not look as it does now in the coming years. According to Shopify, the pandemic played a role in the decline of something that was already flagging mightily.

Miller Architects & Builders, Saint Cloud commercial construction masters, is here with a brief look at how this strong player in local economies will need to shift its approach in order to stay relevant.

A Commercial Construction Approach to Contend With the Internet

Most likely, if you need something quickly, you’re probably partial to ordering it on your phone instead of driving to a shopping mall to get it. Indeed, web-based shopping has gained a number of patrons over the years and is becoming ever more popular today, competing with shopping malls for customers whose interest they once held nearly exclusively.

Thus, malls will need to rethink how they use their spaces in order to offer something more than a one-click buying experience. In many cases, this is appearing in the form of becoming a sort of community hub. From hosting concerts to meet-and-greets, if a mall has the space and architectural design for it, there’s little limit to what it can offer in terms of events.

A Focus on Luxury and Face-to-Face Time

Of course, many malls sell a wide price range of goods, but a focus on high-class restaurants and the value of creating a luxurious experience may help malls contend with the lure of online buying.

By remaking themselves as destinations that allow for memory-making in an upper-crust style, malls can market their presence as more than a simple shopping destination, thus asserting their value in the face of the online marketplace.

Current-Feeling Architectural Design

To become the destination that gives malls a commercial advantage, architectural design services must cater to the philosophy.

For example, a drab, claustrophobic design might make a mall feel stale and old-fashioned, while a breezy feel with lots of glass makes it feel more current, fresh, and welcoming.

Modern trends also include a focus on bringing the outdoors in, with wooden benches and landscaped trees.

Miller Architects & Builders: Always Forward-Thinking

With one foot rooted in the future and the other in a history of great service, our construction project management team is ready to make the commercial buld of your dreams. Give our Saint Cloud office a call today at 320-251-4109.