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How Miller Architects & Builders Addresses the Needs of Municipalities

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As a company that encompasses both the build and architectural facets of a construction project, Miller Architects & Builders is in a valuable position to address the unique needs of municipalities of all sizes. With a robust level of attention to detail, expertise, and service that sets them apart from the competition, Miller Architects & Builders works closely with municipalities throughout their projects.

Miller Architects & Builders Works Closely with Municipalities

With more than 1,000 projects constructed in 19 states for over 500 cities, Miller Architects & Builders has the experience necessary to handle a diverse array of construction needs.

Design Services

Their approach begins with services such as an on-site evaluation and comparison, site planning and a project feasibility analysis. Working closely with both their construction and architectural teams, Miller Architects & Builders executes schematic floor plans, space programming and evaluates the existing facility for reconfiguration if applicable.

Pre-Construction Planning

Once the project has been deemed valid to move forward, Miller Architects & Builders launches into its pre-construction planning services. Planning is a critical area of any construction project, but it is especially important for municipal projects. Not only do these tend to come under heavier scrutiny with their use of funds, but there is also often an unwavering deadline that must be met. With careful planning at every phase, Miller Architects & Builders is able to meet these goals.

From detailed estimating and code and agency approvals to design development and the competitive bidding phase, Miller Architects & Builders plans meticulously for every possible contingency.

Construction Phase

During the construction phase, the municipality’s agent continues to work closely with their Miller Architects & Builders project manager. This person is their go-to individual for any and all questions about the project. With a focus on cost control and effective management of the construction process, the municipality’s agent and their project manager engage in owner conferences, utilize preferred subcontractors and ensure that quality parameters are met. Hands-on site supervision and project management provide the assurance to municipalities that their project is on deadline and budget.

Post Construction

True to their process, Miller Architects & Builders’ job doesn’t stop when construction is complete. They ensure that occupancy permits are obtained, that operation manuals and documentation is handed over and that a post-construction evaluation is undertaken.

Working with Miller Architects & Builders ensures that your next municipal project not only meets its purposes but also stays within your budget and deadline. If you’re ready to work with a professional company with a proven track record, contact Miller Architects & Builders today!