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Everything You’ve Wanted to Know about Eco-Friendly Building Systems

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An eco-friendly building system refers to a structure and the application of environmentally friendly processes throughout a building’s lifespan. It requires various construction experts to work harmoniously in all design-build stages.

Life Cycle Assessment

A life cycle assessment (LCA) helps you to avoid having a narrow perception of the economic, environmental and social concerns that your development project may cause. It assesses the impacts associated with the construction process. Although most experts recognize LCA as an efficient method of evaluating a building’s environmental impacts, it isn’t a primary requirement in the green building rating codes and systems.

Design Efficiency

A project’s concept stage is an essential element of its life cycle. It principally affects the expenses and performance. While designing an eco-friendly building, you should aim at minimizing its environmental impact.

Energy Efficiency

To reduce energy consumption, use details which minimize air leakage through your building’s envelope. Specify extra insulation in ceilings, floors, and walls. The passive solar building design is appropriate for low-energy buildings. Designers place awnings, trees, and porches to cover roofs and windows during summer. Also, precise window placement offers adequate natural light. Moreover, solar water heating cuts down your energy bills.

Water Efficiency

Minimizing water consumption is one of the leading goals of sustainable development. In most places, the demand for water is higher than its supply. To conserve and protect water throughout your building’s lifetime, consider designing a plumbing system that recycles wastewater. A point-of-use water heating and treatment enhances energy efficiency and water quality. Moreover, significant commercial apartments with high energy and water efficiency can get a LEED certificate.

Operation and Regulation

Due to an increase in the demand of eco-friendly building systems, various organizations have created codes, rating systems, and standards that allow state regulators, building experts and clients to adopt green building systems. There are a variety of rating systems that provide credits for building features which support eco-friendly building. The amount of loans determines your level of achievement.

Benefits of eco-friendly building systems:

  • Employees working in green buildings rarely have headaches.
  • Energy costs reduction.
  • They attract and retain highly talented personnel.
  • The buildings have a high market price than ordinary buildings.
  • Increased business opportunities due to the never-ending demand.

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