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4 Commercial Construction Trends and Predictions for 2018

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After a robust 2017, major players in the commercial construction industry are anticipating a bigger and stronger construction season in 2018. The contractors are optimistic that this season will bring many opportunities and provide an opportunity for growth. So what should you expect in 2018? Here are the top four commercial construction trends and predictions for this year.

  1. More Technological Advances are on the Way

This shouldn’t come as a surprise since the construction industry has embraced the use of technology in all its phases, starting from pre-construction through post-construction activities. However, the use of technology is expected to remain a valuable construction resource to contractors and builders.

Experts in the industry are predicting the use of virtual reality in the industry to increase productivity. The other technologies that are expected to find their way into the construction industry this year include 3D printing and the use of drones to accomplish specific tasks.

  1. Sustainability

With the adoption of green production in almost all industries, commercial construction has not been left behind. It is safe to expect the adoption of sustainable construction material. Sustainable material is not just good for the environment, it also costs less. Recycling waste from construction is also becoming a popular trend. It prevents costs of fuel in transportation, preserves resources, and keeps waste from going to landfill. Another way of ensuring sustainability is using construction material with low environmental impact and re-using material where possible.

  1. Resiliency

With seasonal natural weather disasters, such as tornadoes and extreme winter storms, construction in 2018 is expected to focus on the resiliency of structures. Even though there is a focus on sustainability, construction materials are expected to also be able to withstand harsh conditions. Constructing more resilient buildings involves addition of extra components such as energy storage and generators. Impact rated windows and doors, thicker walls, and wind-rated roofs are some resiliency features that will continue to be used. In 2018, commercial construction is expected to strive to offer multiple solutions to different systems of a building. This makes it possible for the buildings to stay functional even under extreme conditions.

  1. More Opportunities in the Industrial Construction Sector

Industrial construction was a sector that performed well in 2017, and the trend is expected to continue in 2018. This is because the increasing number of e-commerce merchants requiring warehouses located near urban centers to maximize their profits. Spending on commercial construction is also rising fast. Experts expect that in 2018, it will rise by up to 4 percent. Construction companies are expected to hire more skilled workers especially over the first half of the year. As has been over the years, many construction management companies are always looking for qualified workers to hire. With about 231,200 construction workers expecting to retire in the next ten years, the industry is expecting an estimated growth of 13 percent.

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