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Innovative Techniques in Commercial Construction

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Fewer industries foster innovation better than that of commercial construction. As the way we do business changes, after all, so must the construction of the places where we do business. But finding new ways of doing things doesn’t happen overnight; it requires trial and error, research, forethought, and a little bit of grit to stick it all together.

 As a forward-thinking construction project management company, Miller Architects & Builders is always abreast of the current trends. Read on for a few pioneering techniques our field has seen recently, along with a few circumstances in which they may benefit your build.

The Use of Artificial Intelligence

AI, or artificial intelligence, isn’t a trend limited to the commercial construction industry; it’s also making a splash in everything from electronic security to the automotive field. In construction, however, such technology is beginning to help manage workflow, boost profits, and even help to ensure safety on the job. Large projects can benefit greatly from the extra helping hand.

But commercial construction management pros don’t need to worry about their hard-earned expertise being replaced by machines. In fact, Forbes predicts that AI will continuously be used to augment human skills instead of substituting for them, opening up entirely new avenues for innovation.

Augmented Reality

Not to be confused with AI, augmented reality, or AR, is a tool that helps commercial contractors visualize a given project on an electronic device before it becomes reality.

As far as construction and architectural design goes, this immensely helps a variety of project steps. From predicting the visual effects of change orders to helping workers accurate gauge measurements, using augmented reality in novel ways can speed along the construction process and enhance client satisfaction.


In an age that’s seeing an increased focus on sustainability, a technique called prefabrication has arisen in the commercial construction industry almost as an answer.

While traditional methods require all building assembly to take place onsite, prefabrication gets a head-start on the process by putting pieces together in separate locations, then shipping them to where they’re needed.

This is a greener way to tackle construction for a variety of reasons. For example, it speeds along the process, diminishing hyper-localized environmental impact, and it often can cut down on fuel usage, as the site itself will play host to less traffic.

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