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Efficiency Tips for Your Building This Spring and Summer

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No matter if your build is young, old, or yet-to-be-finished, if it meets LEED standards or not, energy efficiency is something that all businesses can work towards a higher degree of. Not only does it save you money, but it also does the planet a favor—ever more important in this day and age!

Though it may seem daunting to undertake such an effort with everything else on your plate as a business owner, luckily, there are plenty of manageable steps you can take today to get your business on track towards a greener future. Miller Architects & Builders, your Saint Cloud architectural design and construction project management company, details them below.

Let’s dive in!

Check Your Air Conditioning Units

Your air conditioning units have been sitting unused all winter, collecting grime and dirt, which could cause odors, spread allergens, lead to higher operating costs, and lower the air quality.

Before you really need to turn the A/C on, it is smart to give the units a refresh so they are ready to handle their job when it starts to heat up. Cleaning the coils of the units can boost efficiency and improve air quality inside your building.

Don’t Forget the Rest of the HVAC!

While you are checking your A/C units, take the time to make sure other HVAC equipment is functioning properly, such as exhaust systems and other ventilation apparatuses.

A loose fan belt, for example, runs less efficiently than a properly fitting one, which could end up costing you money.

Think Green This Spring

As the trees start to bud, flowers begin to bloom, and the world comes alive again, you can think green too. If you already practice sustainability in your building, good for you! Use this time to take it up a level with a few of the tips in this blog post.

If you have not initiated sustainable processes in your commercial building, now is a great time to start. Think about starting a recycling program, using recycled products, and switching to cleaning methods that do not involve harsh chemicals.

Some other ideas to go greener this spring:

●        Have staff clean the building during the day, when the lights are already on. This will save energy by making the most of natural light.

●        Install motion sensors to automatically turn lights on and off when the space is being used.

●        Install high-efficiency LED lights in exit signs and elsewhere in the building. LED lights have much lower energy costs compared to other bulbs — and they last a lot longer.

●        Get workers excited about saving energy by creating promotional items and including information about saving energy in the company newsletter. Include information about how much energy the building has saved through different investments and initiatives.

●        Rearrange your building so workstations are near windows, which reduces the need for lights.

Consider New Roofing From Your Commercial Contractor

If it’s time for an architectural design renovation, it pays to look into new roofing if you want to up your energy efficiency. Through programs like ENERGYSTAR, you can find roofing materials that reflect UV rays, thus keeping your building cooler and reducing your cooling bills and the strain on your HVAC system—all very good things when it comes to thinking more efficiently with your energy.

Not all roofing products are created equally, so be sure to talk things over with your preferred commercial contractor and do a bit of research yourself before you make any big changes. Our construction management company blog is a great place to start the latter part!

Hire Help to Maintain Your Building’s Envelope

A year or so back on our architectural design services blog, we delved into the topic of a building envelope and its role in maintaining your build. Check it out for the full scoop, but the basics as they pertain to energy efficiency are otherwise fairly simple to understand.

Your building envelope is made up of your roofing, walls, windows, and siding—anything, basically, that shields its interior from the elements. Any breach in these aspects of your exterior lets in drafts and thus drastically cuts down on your energy efficiency. A failing building envelope is as good as paying to heat or cool the outdoors!

Your build deserves regular “checkups” from your commercial contractor of choice to make sure everything is functioning just as well as it was the day that you opened for business. Your energy expenditures—and thus your pocketbook—will thank you.

Miller Architects & Builders: Top-Notch Commercial Construction Management Every Time

At Miller Architects & Builders in St. Cloud, we’re committed to sustainable building processes and helping commercial buildings meet their sustainability goals by using the latest technology throughout a new commercial construction project.

Contact us by calling 320-251-4109 to learn more about how we go green—and how you can, too!