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What Makes a Great Builder?

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Commercial construction, architectural design, construction project management—so many things go into the completion of a successful build, and the competency and strength of the people behind it should never be understated. It could be said that just as much goes into making a great builder as does a great build.

At Miller Architects & Builders, we’ve long strived to exemplify excellence in our field, as both architects and construction project management pros. Discover just what makes a great builder from the ground up!

People Skills

Commercial construction is often thought of as an impersonal affair; perhaps it’s the word “commercial” in the name. The reality, though, couldn’t be further from the truth.

Great builders exist to serve their clients, and they can’t do this without knowing how to interact with them. In other words, builders need great people skills!

“People skills” is a broad term that encompasses many areas of expertise in the workspace. Indeed, a renowned job-finding site, cites a few of them as communication, good manners, empathy, negotiating, and problem solving.


Of course, that’s obvious. But true expertise goes further than simply knowing how to do a passable job.

A great commercial contractor specializes in the areas in which they provide service, taking nothing less than the best in their work. They stay abreast of industry trends and new construction techniques to further hone their expertise.

Construction Business Owner, an online construction publication, states that “companies who specialize in a specific type of project or service do better work… than their jack-of-all-trades counterparts.”

This doesn’t mean that great construction companies only occupy a single niche, but that they take the time to truly get to know the ins and outs of any service they offer—to specialize in it, in other words.

Just like we do with commercial construction!

Great Subcontractor Relationships

Commercial construction requires a great deal of manpower, and it’s typical in the industry for a commercial contractor to hire subcontractors to complete parts of the work. Great relationships between the two parties allow both of them to reach greater heights.

For more info on the contractor / subcontractor relationship, check out our commercial construction blog “What’s a Commercial Contractor Versus a Subcontractor?”

Miller Architects & Builders: Excellence in Commercial Construction

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