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Construction Trends to Watch for in 2019

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After seeing growth in 2018, many forecasters are projecting an increase in commercial construction spending in the United States again in 2019. With the continued growth in the industry, here are some of the commercial construction trends you can expect to see in the coming year and beyond.

Advances in Technology

Although some sectors of the construction industry have been slow to adopt new technology methods, the trend to use technology in all phases of construction is growing.

That’s expected to continue this coming year. Technology is helping commercial construction companies solve some of the industry’s most pressing problems, such as safety, productivity, and labor shortages.

For those reasons and many more, you can expect the industry to continue finding new ways to use technology to their benefit. Here are some technology trends you’ll be seeing more of in 2019:

  • Drones | Experts foresee unmanned aerial vehicles will continue to replace traditional methods of surveying a property. Drones make the surveying process go faster, while also reducing labor costs and minimizing human error. Other advantages include increased job site and yard surveillance and security, improved job site inspection processes, and increased employee safety by detecting previously unseen dangers and safety hazards.
  • Robots and autonomous construction equipment | Like drones, robots and autonomous equipment can perform tasks that previously required skilled workers, while also limiting the number of workers who are placed in dangerous situations on the job site. Robots are often used to handle repetitive tasks, such as laying bricks, while autonomous equipment is being used to move large amounts of earth and complete other worksite operations.
  • Augmented reality | Integrating augmented reality with construction software, such as Building Information Modeling (BIM), is expected to become a popular trend over the next few years. This technology makes it possible to visualize the real world through a camera lens, with industry experts saying it will change how companies build things, making it possible to start planning and plotting a job before even breaking ground.
  • Data ecosystem |Real-time software is already an essential part of the building process, and experts predict this will lead to a data ecosystem where leaders in the commercial construction industry will come together to share data, experiences, and knowledge. This data will help the industry advance and grow, as well as help companies improve their productivity by shortening construction times, lowering costs, and reducing risks.

Sustainability and resiliency

Many companies, including Miller Architects and Builders, work to incorporate sustainability in every project. This major trend will continue again this coming year, but the sustainability conversation will likely be paired with resiliency in the wake of another deadly and destructive hurricane season in 2018.

Commercial construction companies throughout the country will likely put even more focus on using sustainable methods to construct buildings that can withstand severe weather. In Minnesota, this isn’t as much of a problem, but new construction methods and ideas to make buildings stronger will benefit the industry as a whole.

Buildings will get smarter

Experts predict more and more facilities will be built using smart building technology. Smart buildings use technology to automate building management, such as temperature and lighting.

Smart buildings have software and sensors to detect changes in the building, such as changing temperatures or motion in the room. Those sensors report back to software, which tracks data that will allow the building to adjust the temperature in specific rooms as the seasons change.

Not only does this smart building technology help end the fight over the thermostat, but it also will help reduce energy consumption and save on building costs. And those are just some of the benefits of smart building technology.

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