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How We Design Building Plans to Meet Your Unique Needs

Every commercial construction project is different, and we at Miller Architects and Builders know that.

Our team makes sure to take the time to listen and understand your vision for your facility, so we are able to design a building that meets your unique needs, your budget, and your schedule. Miller Architects and Builders’ goal is to create a functional space within a beautiful aesthetic environment that your business or organization can be proud of both now and into the future.

Here’s how our process will work for you, no matter what type of commercial facility you’re looking to build:

Learning about you | We will start by sitting down with you to learn about what you are looking for in the new building and what features you would like it to have. We will also show you examples from our vast portfolio of previous projects to give you an idea of the types of buildings we can create for you.

Visiting your future location | Our next step will be to visit the location of your future facility and speak with your hired surveyor to assess where on the property the building should go, take measurements, and assess sustainability needs, among other things. At this time, we will also collect all the necessary documentation you have, such as applicable records, building code requirements, and pre-permits.

Pre-planning | This is where things really start to get fun – and the building starts to come to life. We will conduct the initial pre-planning for your facility, including ideas for various building concepts and sustainability options. During this phase, our architects will make rough sketches of what the outside of the building will look like. These sketches include structure design, entrances, window placements, and more.

Schematic designs | As we work with you to make final decisions on what the building will look like, the architect will refine the drawings of the building, including information on measurements, materials, and methods, as well as further defining the placements of windows, doors and other features. These drawings will be used to create schematic designs for the facility.

We utilize Building Information Modeling (BIM) to provide a digitized 3D model of the building. This allows all other contractors (mechanical, electrical, plumbing, structural) to incorporate their design schemes into the same building concept, which creates a seamless and efficient process that helps keep costs down and the project on track.

Construction | After obtaining all the required permits, the construction process can begin. Throughout the process, the architect will be available to provide insight and ensure the schematic designs are followed. The architect will also be available to make any adjustments to the design in case something doesn’t line up perfectly with the designs.

Providing options | at Miller Architects and Builders provide a variety of options for architectural design services and construction management services, which guarantee you a full-service experience that is customized to your individual needs from the planning stages to post-construction. Among the services we offer:

  • Design-build services (and its many variations) – this means everything from the initial design phase to post-construction – and everything in between – is handled by one entity, us. This creates a seamless process that helps keep the project on track and saves you money;
  • Construction management – you can hire us to serve as the construction manager for a project, in which we will work with you on all responsibilities related to the build;
  • At-risk construction management – Miller Architects and Builders would be the sole construction manager of the project, so we act in your best interest to handle all design and construction phases of the project;
  • Sustainable building – Not every building can achieve LEED certification, but we will work with you to lessen your facility’s environmental footprint, from the thoughtful placement of windows to allow more natural light, to using sustainable products and practices throughout the construction process that can be conformed to your green-building goals.

We at Miller Architects and Builders in St. Cloud would love to sit down with you to explain our process in detail, as well as help you determine what services will work best for you throughout your commercial construction project. Contact us today at 320-251-4109 to get started.