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What is Construction Management At-Risk?

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Construction management at-risk (CMAR) is a widely-used construction management method for the operations and completions of projects. It generally helps speed the construction process along, which in turn, saves the client money. It also is an ideal method for those who have taken the leap and finally decided to construct the building of their dreams, but don’t know where to begin.

What is Construction Management At-Risk?

In essence, construction management at-risk entails hiring a professional to oversee the entire construction process, from the architecture to the cost control. The client is not responsible for putting together the best team for their project—instead, a knowledgeable and professional commercial contractor does the job for them. CMAR thus removes the need for the client to contact multiple firms and run interference between them; it streamlines the process and decreases the likelihood of miscommunication. It’s a headache-free way to bring your building goals to life!

Who Provides CMAR?

The provider of this construction project management service oftentimes is a general contractor. The CMAR company frequently speaks with the client during the pre-construction phase to better understand the client’s goals and financial limitations. Clear communication is key in the CMAR progress; without it, it becomes difficult to meet the client’s goals. Think of the process like a sports team in which the client is the coach and the CMAR consultant is the team. If the coach is not instructing the team on which plays to make, the game won’t be successful. Likewise, when using a construction manager at-risk, it is important to be honest and concrete about your goals.

Construction Management At-Risk versus General Construction Management Companies

CMAR and general construction project management both share the same goal—a successful project and a happy and fulfilled client. However, the way in which they go about achieving this is different. Below are a couple of key differences between the processes.

  • Amount of Pre-Construction Services Offered. In the CMAR commercial construction method, a consultant guides the client through pre-construction preparations, such as making a budget and creating a schedule. General construction management companies are solely responsible for the actual construction.
  • Amount of Risk the Client Takes. A CMAR company shoulders the responsibility (is “at risk”) for the project’s success, as is defined in an initial contract. General commercial construction management places that risk on the client.

Building Construction Services

Miller Architects and Builders in Saint Cloud provides both types of construction management talked about above—-and, regardless of the type you choose, we focus on tight communication with the client. If you’re ready to start on the building of your dreams, contact us at 320.251.4109 today. We serve Saint Cloud, Duluth, Mora and outstate Minnesota cities.