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Bids: Factors Other Than Price to Consider

Selecting a general contractor is a big decision, especially if you’ve never worked with one or are looking to switch GC’s. There are many factors to consider, although price is most commonly valued over other areas. Reasonably so, your money is a huge asset and you need to make sure to allocate it well.

Miller Architects & Builders wants to guarantee you are receiving transparency on what a bid takes into consideration. Here are some things that we believe may matter just as much if not more than the price of a bid!

No Cutting Corners

Low bids are often a sign that your general contractor is working as quickly as possible to finish a project. When working with professional and honest GC’s, project costs may invest in quality staff, materials, and thinking through all the possible outcomes. Although this takes time and money, you’ll be able to talk through the project costs, and understand why there is less room to cut corners.

Large investments are important to think through, and Miller Architects & Builders wants to make certain that you are always met with active listening, proven experience, and remarkable results!

Communication & Experience

Working closely with a contractor comes with a lot of trust and communication. The price of your bid may reflect the amount of effort your GC is willing to put forward. Be mindful of your contractor’s experience, and how they speak about your project!

Miller Architects & Builders has actively worked to bring quality and care to the forefront of everything we do for over 60 years. Miller promises to be honest about your project costs, timelines, and everything in between.

Unrealistic Timelines

When looking over the breakdown of project costs, look and research the time your contractor is placing on each piece of your project. A low bid may be a result of unrealistic deadlines.

The result of this may end in you spending more money on a team rushing to put vital elements together with little concern to the quality and care. Often this may push your timeline back, with little understanding of how you can properly prepare for a finished product. Our qualified team will put your best interests first.

Consider The Price & More With Miller Architects & Builders!

At Miller Architects & Builders, we promise to be transparent, open, and realistic about the bid we put forward. Our excellent staff will walk you through plans, projected timelines, and how your money is being allocated.

We want your new project to reflect the quality and thought that it took to get here. Contact our qualified team today!