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Using Punch Lists for Successful Commercial Project Closeout

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Taking those final steps before project closeout can feel a little chaotic, and maybe leave you feeling unsure of what you should be looking for and adding to your punch list. Our team at Miller Architects & Builders will effectively communicate with you to make sure your needs and concerns are met!

Common Punch List Items to Consider

A job well done should meet your expectations, so don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions and point out anything you may be hesitant about or may be keeping you from moving forward.

Appliances Malfunctioning

Be sure to try your appliances out and see that they are functioning properly. Water pressure, outlets supporting your appliances, electric, heating/cooling, etc are all examples of things to double check before the project closes. These pieces are vital and may cause setbacks if overlooked.

Windows/Doors Sealing

When looking through your new space, check to see if all your windows and doors are sealed and functioning correctly. These areas can greatly affect your insulation, and further affect the price of heating and cooling. Be sure to check and test to see that all will seal, lock, and function as expected.

Paint Job or Damage

If you’re in your space often enough, you can probably spot any areas of needed paint touch-ups or damage done to the area. This can be an easily spotted error, but can also be easy to forget mentioning as it seems a bit more obvious. Examples may include dings, nail holes, scrapes, cracks, chips, breaks, paint splatters, stains, etc.

Floor Squeaking

If you have wood or vinyl floors, you might notice some squeaking or slight movement in your floors. Be sure to ask your contractor about these concerns as they can most likely take care of them. Your contractor should be able to explain why it is happening and if it is a concern. Take the time to walk through your space and make sure you feel confident with the flooring.


Leaks are a common concern often overlooked by the assumption that your team will know to fix the leak. Whether you have leaks in your ceiling, pipes, faucets, or anywhere else, always ask and voice your concerns. Leaks should not be happening and are often a sign of an improper maintenance job.

Peeling Carpet

Similar to a squeaky floor, peeling carpet is a common issue with flooring. Be sure to point out any carpet that may be raised or peeling. This will lead to further peeling, tears, or uneven carpet distribution.

Creating a clear and concise punch list will eliminate the urgency to fix stragglers after you have closed on a project. Every project comes with its own set of struggles, but Miller Architects & Builders wants to keep you moving forward and feeling confident every step of the way!

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