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What it Takes to Work in the Construction Management Industry

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Commercial construction generally takes place under the watchful guidance of a construction manager. This personnel oversees the entire project, from ensuring all federal and state building codes are upheld to meeting with stakeholders to determine a workable budget. It’s all in a day’s work for the team at Miller Architects and Builders!

Think you have what it takes to get into the construction management industry? We break down a couple of the on-the-job requirements below, as well as what traits can help one succeed in this industry.

Jack (and Master) of All Trades

In the management of construction services, there is no “normal” day. Schedules are generally packed, from working with architects to making sure safety protocols are enforced on the job site. Construction managers like those employed at Miller must be knowledgeable about a great many fields of work; the viability of an entire project can depend on it!

However, knowledge is a cultivated thing; no baby is born being ready to work as a construction manager, after all. So what traits might help a burgeoning construction manager to build their knowledge base?

1) Being an Early Bird

Because of all that needs to get done in a day, many construction managers begin work at dawn. Meetings, budget planning sessions, and being on the job site can all be a part of the hardworking construction manager’s day.

2) Be a Team Player

Being a construction manager is an authoritative role with plenty of opportunities to lead for those amazing natural-born leaders, but it also includes a lot of teamwork. Jumping in on big projects while still being an approachable, teachable team member can be a tricky transition. Being an asset to a team makes a great construction manager.

3) Being a Lifelong Learner

By being knowledgeable in multiple fields of study, good construction managers know there is always an opportunity to learn. They will never hesitate to ask questions, both with stakeholders and among members of their own team.

4) Being Organized and Timely

A large part of working in construction management is meeting deadlines. To be a quality worker in construction management, one should be able to set dates AND meet them. Overseeing a wide range of tasks, team members, and communication with the client can be difficult if you’re helping out with multiple projects too!

Someone who knows how to assess hiccups and fix them in a timely manner is extremely valuable in construction management. The ability to reassess and prioritize plans is an essential part of being a construction manager.

5) Being Calm and Collected

Someone with a calm and comforting presence is almost necessary in construction management. A leader who is easily frazzled or angered at minor inconveniences can have an influence that trickles down and may rattle the rest of the team and the overall objectives.

Being calm and focused leaves more space for the rest of your team to stay on task and work more efficiently. Challenges may happen, but the proper construction manager will delegate and keep the team strong.

6) Problem Solver

Many of the above qualities insinuate one should be quick on the fly, but construction management absolutely requires a person to be able to problem solve effectively. When projects have hard deadlines, it doesn’t leave much room for unresolved issues.

There are always projects ahead, and the longer one takes, so will the next! Finding a solution in a timely manner will ultimately save the project time, money, and a lot of extra hassle.

7) Being Innately Communicative

Construction managers do just that: they manage. They direct an entire team toward one clear objective. In order to do this, the construction manager must know how to clearly communicate that objective, multiple times to multiple people. Being an innate communicator certainly helps with this!

Looking for the Best in Construction Project Management? You’ve Found Us!

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