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5 Important Construction Budgeting Questions for Commercial Remodels

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One of the most important factors within a company is typically the budget. Being aware of how your company is allotting its finances is crucial, and when remodeling your business, it should be done with diligence. Miller Architects & Builders is here to help!

Here are some questions to get you thinking and finalizing the details you need to get to your finished product.

1. When does construction need to be done?

Making sure you have an end date is incredibly important. This will affect and determine how much time can be placed on projects.

Costs may rise as the date gets closer, so it’s usually best to try to plan farther in advance. With a shorter time frame, you may have to make a lot of expensive special orders.

2. Have you considered non-negotiables vs. negotiable purchases?

Weeding out which purchases can be forfeited in a budget can really save you time and money. There are some definite non-negotiables in many budgets, and it’s nice to be able to pick them out.

If some things are just niceties but don’t affect the overall project, you can weigh out your options and see what actually matters to you. At Miller, our caring and qualified team will talk through your options to help assist in any decision-making needed!

3. Have you made the right hiring team decisions?

Hiring a capable and excited team is a really important factor. When considering what staff and contractors you might be hiring, you can decide which resources are a must. For example, you may have a really good sense of the design, and might want to reallocate finances from a designer and put them towards a different facet of your business plan.

Trust that Miller Architects & Builders has your best interest in mind. Our contractors, construction team, designers, and every person involved will work hard to provide you with fantastic results, no matter the budget!

4. Are all licenses and ordinances accounted for?

Being sure that you’ve considered all the necessary payments can save you a hassle in the longrun. Zoning, city ordinances, and codes can play a role in the amount you may need to spend on remodels and updates consistently.

5. What is being valued in this remodel?

Remodeling can be a good decision for business owners, but it’s critical to know what you can expect to gain from a remodel. That’s because deciding what you are trying to get out of a remodel may affect your budget.

Depending on whether you will focus on the look, the feel, or even the effectiveness of your remodel, you should allot your money accordingly.

Let’s talk about your commercial remodel!

Interest in working with Miller Architects & Buildings? Contact our qualified staff today to get answers, estimates, and much more. We are here to help you with remodels, expansions, and making your design-build goals come true. Contact us online today or call 320.251.4109.