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Is Phased Construction Right for Your Commercial Project?

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Growing a business means considering a lot of factors. As exciting as it is, the process of expansion may be a bit daunting. You’ve likely considered the growth of your company and whether you need to renovate, expand, or relocate.

Construction phasing and sequencing is an approach to building expansion or renovation that completes the construction process in phases rather than linearly, allowing a company to remain operational and continue to bring in revenue.

In general, phased construction is made up of several series of smaller building projects that take place at different times rather than working on an entire project at one time. Example: A project could have a master plan but they can’t afford to build it all at once. So the project is designed to be done in phases.

Sometimes it’s two phases; sometimes it’s more. Phases can be spread years apart. Whatever phase is being built at that time is completely done.

Another example is a multi-family apartment complex that has five buildings. Phased construction would be that the client is going to build one apartment at a time. Once it’s up and running, they’ll start on the second building, etc.

Don’t know whether you should sway toward traditional construction or phase construction? Here’s when and why phase construction might be a good option for you and your current venture.

Lower Investment Costs

Initial investments are concerning to just about anyone. If you or your company could be impacted by large initial investments, a phased approach may be beneficial.

Since phase construction tackles one project at a time, your money would be split up accordingly. This can lower the amount of risk that you may be taking in your company’s growth.

In business models where cashflow is monitored heavily, phased construction might be the best option! Miller Architects & Builders will work with you to figure out if phased construction is the right step!

Undecided On Total Design

With phase construction, you can continue to weigh out different options since projects can come at different times. With traditional construction, typically all your big decisions should be made once construction is about to start. You’ll be able to make more changes without losing money and can prioritize a singular component.

If you’re wanting to get started on your project but haven’t made all the preliminary decisions, phase construction allows you to do just that. Miller’s dedicated team of architectural designers will work with you every step of the way!

If You Have More Time

With a larger window for time, you can take more time with each facet of your renovation, but it may lead to some delays. If you value taking your time with every part rather than knock everything out all at one time, a phased approach is most likely the right route for you.

Time is a big factor in the construction process, so be sure to think through which fits your business model best!

Let’s Talk About Your Project!

At Miller Architects & Builders, we are here to create the best plan to get your company moving. Our qualified team is collaborative, honest, and ready to answer your questions.

Whatever your questions or concerns fall, we want to help you make the right decisions. Contact us today at 320.251.4109.