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How Big Should You Build? Finding the Right Size for Your New Business

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Is bigger always better in the commercial construction industry? Not quite!

While every project, from senior living construction to funeral home construction, should have enough space for its future occupants to thrive, too much of that space can lead to an interior feeling empty and soulless, not to mention reduced team efficacy.

That’s why we at Miller Architects & Builders, as architectural design and commercial construction management pros, are here with some tips on how to find your “Goldilocks” size – not too big, not too small, but just right for your business’s needs.

Every Space Has a Purpose, Give a Purpose to Every Space

Take a cue from residential homebuyers and see your hypothetical build as a lived-in (worked-in) space. Will every inch of the floorplan be used? Can you picture your team performing a concrete and everyday task in every given room, or do many spots just amount to miscellaneous space?

With a few exceptions, which we’ll get to shortly, overindulgent rooms that don’t serve an immediate and concrete purpose should be eliminated from builds.

The Exceptions to the Rule

Industries that need flexibility, such as multi-family apartments and hotels, can get away with a bit more superfluous space. It’s unreasonable for you to predict exactly how many occupants your building will cater to at a given time, so having the rooms for a few more than you think you’ll need can be beneficial in the right circumstances.

Imagine Team Logistics

When looking at your architect’s blueprints, take a moment to imagine yourself in the shoes of an everyday team member. Follow the trail they’ll need to take to accomplish their work through your build, envisioning it as you go. Is it a massive trek just for a team member to retrieve supplies? How quickly can they possibly serve customers?

Spacious builds, while they might seem luxurious, aren’t always the best fit for small teams that need to be quick on their feet. At the very least, troubling answers to the aforementioned questions signal the need for a redesign – and possibly a downsize.

Does the Build Account for Growth?

The above two points aside, it’s also important for your new space to give your team room to breathe and then some. If, while doing the mental walkthrough we mentioned, you can foresee potential traffic jams, congestion, or staff bumping into one another, it might be necessary to expand a bit.

Miller: Your Just-Right Construction Management Company

Just as we’re skilled in designing and building a variety of spaces, we offer a variety of construction management approaches, so you’re sure to find your perfect fit. Give our Saint Cloud office a call today at 320-251-4109.