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Why Experience Matters in Commercial Construction

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Experience matters, especially in commercial construction. That is because inexperience can lead to mistakes, and simple mistakes can result in missed project deadlines or exceeding the agreed upon budget.

Hiring a commercial construction company that has decades of experience will help improve the project and experience for you, the client. Here is how:

  • We Provide Guidance and Advice from Someone Who Has Been There

Embarking on a commercial construction project can seem daunting, as there are many moving pieces and factors that go into a project. You are sure to have questions at times throughout the process. When questions do arise, you will want to get an answer from someone who has been in the situation before so they can provide answers, guidance, and advice from their first-hand experience.

At Miller Architects and Builders, we have over 100 years of experience in the commercial construction industry — so we’ve seen everything. This not only prepares us to successfully meet the needs of our clients, but provides us the background and confidence to answer your questions so you feel well-informed about the commercial construction process.

  • The More You do Something, the Less Risk There is

When you hire a commercial construction company, you are choosing someone who will get the job done right, on time, and within your budget. But with inexperienced companies comes the risk that the project may get delayed or cost more than originally budgeted. There is also the risk of incidents on the job site, the use of inferior materials, and inaccurate estimates.

That is not the case with an experienced team like Miller Architects and Builders. We have five generations of experience in the industry, which equates to less risk for our clients throughout the life of the project. This helps give our clients peace of mind instead of worrying about what could go wrong.

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At Miller Architects and Builders, we have constructed more than 1,000 projects in more than 500 cities and 19 states in our nearly 145 years in business. Our team of qualified and experienced professionals—which includes project managers, superintendents, and architects—is able to provide services that are tailored to our clients’ unique requirements, enabling us to provide a level of service and expertise that is beyond what you would get with a traditional construction company.

So if you are looking for an experienced commercial construction company that offers a variety of services and construction management options, look no further than Miller Architects and Builders.

We’d love to chat with you about your next project. Contact us by calling 320-251-4109.