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Why Design-Build Project Contracts Are Successful

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The design-build strategy has gained popularity since 2002 because the number of projects completed under the design-build approach increased by 600 percent, according to the Design-Build Institute of America. We have gathered major reasons why but first, let’s understand build design.

What is design-build?

Design-build is a technique of project delivery where one company or entity provides design (architectural) and construction services in one contract with the project owner. It is also referred to as design/construction approach and has shown tremendous success in the development of schools, municipalities, office buildings, transportation, manufacturing infrastructure, and stadiums.

Design-build is more popular than design-bid-build, where pre-construction planning, construction and post construction are done separately by different entities under different contracts.

Why is build-design successful?

  1. Single Source Responsibility

The design-build strategy offers a single source of accounting for an entire project, unlike design-bid-build, where you have to find different contractors and act as an intermediary. This approach promotes teamwork. The pre-construction planning relationship lasts to post-construction and continues on other projects.

  1. Budgeting

During project planning stage, preparing and discussing the budget is crucial. You don’t have to wait for bids to come to prepare a budget. During such discussions, a realistic budget is drawn based on the scope of work. Once an agreement is reached, project cost and management lie squarely on the design-build company.

  1. Enhanced Communication

With the design-build technique, you have an opportunity to work with both design professionals and construction experts. Potential challenges are discovered before commencing your project. All these development details discussed are centered on the project owner.

  1. Increased Project Completion Rate

Project completion is faster in design-build than in classic design-bid-build method. This is attributed to the fact that bidding time is reduced, project scheduling is done on time, and any problems ironed out early.

  1. Quality Control Checks

Ambiguity that arises in material and construction requirements derails many construction projects. However, with design-build that is not the case. Project owners get to work with designers, builders, and engineers in the same company. They all share the same interest: safeguarding your interests.

  1. Reduced Risks and Litigation Claims

In design-build, the firm assumes additional risks. This benefits you since that burden is lifted off your shoulder. At the same time, warranty gaps are eliminated, leaving you free from any litigation claims.

  1. Cost savings

With an integrated team of one firm, efficiency and innovation are paramount to cut on costs and deliver state-of-the-art projects.

Miller Architects & Builders offers cutting-edge design-build strategies to commercial building and property owners in the Central Minnesota area. If you have any future design-build projectections in the future, contact us to speak our St. Cloud professionals. We make your dreams a reality regardless of project complexity or simplicity. For more information about our design/build services, contact us today at 320-251-4109.