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What Schooling is Required to Become an Architect?

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Not everyone is cut out for the field of architectural design. To be an architect and work in architectural design services requires a certain grit, dedication, orderliness, and a commitment to thinking outside of the box and coming up with creative solutions. These are the exact types of people we at Miller, as a multipurpose commercial construction business, seek to hire out!

However, it takes more than inherent traits to become an architect. It takes extensive schooling, as well. All of our architects have undergone the proper training for their respective positions, and our long history attests to our habit of only hiring the best. What sort of schooling do we like to see in our highly talented team? We explain further below.

The Path to Becoming an Architect is Long and Complex

Perhaps it’s good that architects will need to have a list of admirable traits to succeed in their careers. Their schooling requires it too! For example, some professional architecture programs can take up to five years. Countless regulatory boards exist for the occupation, frequently with state-specific requirements that an aspiring architect will need to pass in order to professionally practice their craft.

Though the road to a career in professional architecture differs depending on the individual pursuing it, generally, the architect-to-be will need to:

●        Complete a recognized architectural program | In the United States, programs recognized by the National Architectural Accrediting Board are a good way to begin one’s architectural career. By pursuing a degree accredited by this organization, the aspiring architect gains the right foundation of knowledge to begin his or her career. In many states, pursuing an accredited program is required to become licensed as an architect.

●        Gain real-world experience | Before applying for licensure, many architects will need to complete the AXP, or the Architectural Experience Program, which ensures that the architect-to-be has the skill-set he or she needs to practice architecture in the real world. Some aspiring architects must report hours to indicate their completion of this process, while others can present a portfolio of their work.

●        Pass an exam and apply for a license | Finally, once the architect has passed the required examination requirements for his or her jurisdiction, professional licensure becomes a possibility.

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