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Is Architectural Design an Art or a Science?

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Art can be considered an expression of abstract emotion, while science can be considered the measurement of our tangible reality. Though these fields seem mutually exclusive, their interaction is more common than one might think. Take architectural design, for example. It involves the use of an artistic eye in the creation of attractive buildings, but it also necessitates the use of science through the engineering required to make a viable structure in the first place. Simply put, to be an architect means you’re both artsy and science-minded!

At Miller Architects and Builders, we stand by the extensive talent of our architectural design services team. We know that they have undergone the extensive training required to hone both their artistic and science-based sides. Below, we dive deeper into why architecture could be considered both an art and a science, and we elaborate on why familiarity with both is so essential for the job.

At the Intersections of Art and Engineering

As stated above, a good architectural design requires a healthy balance of practical, science-minded thinking and a keen artistic eye. If the architect does not pay enough attention to the building from an engineering standpoint, he or she could end up with a structurally unsound product. If that same architect doesn’t care to acknowledge the artistic side of things, the end result will be a terrible eyesore. Harmonious architectural design requires that one consider both of these factors. Due to this, the discipline can be considered both an art and a science.

Architects must also demonstrate traits that are valuable for the pursuit of both the arts and the sciences, which could be another indication that their field might lie at the intersections of both. These traits include:

●        Creativity | Aside from making a building stand out artistically, a creative mindset in architecture is also useful from an engineering standpoint. It enables architects to quickly problem-solve in unexpected ways, which can be essential when it comes to meeting deadlines.

●        Technical skills | From software to pencil and paper, architects familiarize themselves with countless media tools to aid in their trade. With the rise in popularity of digital art, this is a feature common for both artistic disciplines and engineering.

●        Ability to visualize | Artists, engineers, and architects alike must be able to imagine what a final product will look like without that final product being in its true form in front of them.

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