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Is Your Building Driving Away Your Business?

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Many people do not realize the impact a building’s look or layout can have on their customer base and employee productivity. An upgrade to your building or a new building altogether may be a choice that pays in the long run, even though it can be quite the upfront investment of funds. Miller Architects and Builders of Saint Cloud, a construction management and architectural design services company, explains how below.

Bad Architectural Design and Construction Make a Poor First Impression

Even in today’s world, where every business needs an online presence, the physical location still matters to customers in many industries. When a potential customer walks up to your door for the first time, it is your very first chance to make a good first impression. A well-constructed building puts customers at ease; they will then feel much more comfortable trusting your business with whatever needs they require fulfilled.

Imagine you are visiting a construction project management company with uneven sidewalks leading to the entrance, cracked stairways, and sagging door frames. You likely wouldn’t feel too keen about hiring them. Imagine if you are trying to choose a daycare for your child, and the building is in disrepair with a rusty fence. Even if the employees are talented, and there are no structural issues that pose safety risks, the very image of the business screams “incompetence.” No matter your profession, you want to appear to be as professional as possible from the start, and a poorly-managed or badly designed building greatly hinders your ability to do so.

This is where we at Miller come in. A new building can improve your public reputation and also boost your business’s curb appeal, making walk-ins more likely.

Why Choose Miller over Other Construction Services?

We have been in this business since 1874, and our commitment to our customers has stayed strong since then. If you are looking for an innovative and communicative commercial construction company that delivers top-quality buildings at the right cost-point and in the time frame promised, then Miller is the perfect fit for your next project. We meet your needs and your wants, have experience with all the latest energy-efficient systems, and can fulfill almost any of your design ideas.

Schedule a Consultation with Our Commercial Contractors Today

If you would like to discuss upgrading your business’ location, or even are thinking about purchasing a new lot and starting fresh someplace else, give us a call with your ideas. We can turn your plans into reality and bring your business to the next level. Call today at 1-800-772-1758 or contact us online here.