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What Can You Expect from a CMAR Company?

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If your business or religious organization is considering a new building, congratulations! You’re taking a huge step forward into making your facility feel more like your own and making your mark on the local area of commerce. Plus, a customized layout is sure to make getting around easier, which helps doing business more efficient.

Of course, if you’re looking for a new building, you’ll also be looking for a commercial construction company to do the manual labor. If you’ve even begun to look into this industry, you may have noticed that construction management falls into two distinct categories: general construction management and at-risk construction management (also known as construction management at-risk, or CMAR for short). Understanding the differences between these two styles of going about the construction process is crucial for the business owner to make the right decision for both the timely completion of the project and the financial wellbeing of the future owner.

Miller Architects and Builders, provider of both general construction project management and at-risk construction management, is here to help. Below, we discuss at-risk construction management and how to know if it’s the right choice for any given project.

At-Risk Construction Management: Less Risky Than It Sounds

General construction management from a commercial contractor and at-risk construction management are quite similar. Both are methods in which construction projects are seen from conception to completion. However, at-risk construction management acts to minimize the financial risk on the part of the client.

●        At-risk construction managers can provide cost estimates. Generally speaking, at-risk construction managers will provide the client with a guaranteed maximum cost for the project. If the construction management company surpasses this guaranteed maximum price, it incurs no additional payment from the client.

●        At-risk construction managers are the singular point of contact throughout the whole construction process. A construction project is composed of countless different personnel, from architects to managers, all of whom need to be informed of everything from scheduling to budgets. With CMAR, the client need not worry about any of this, as your at-risk construction company will fully manage the process.

●        At-risk construction managers hire all applicable subcontractors. Using their hard-earned industry expertise, at-risk construction management companies hire all the applicable staff themselves, taking this worry off of the client.

Think CMAR Might be Right for You? Contact Miller Today

We’re a Saint Cloud construction management company with expertise in both branches of construction management. We’d be happy to be your next at-risk construction managers! Give us a call today at 320-251-4109.