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How to Build the Best Multi-Family Home

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If you’re thinking of investing in building a new multi-family facility or hotel, Miller Architects and Builders would be thrilled to help you through the entire process, from architectural design to the actual commercial construction of the building. We know that the multi-family and hotel industry poses some unique building and architectural challenges that other industries do not. Through our years of experience, we’re confident we know how to circumnavigate and work through these challenges.

We’re so confident, in fact, that we’ll spill a few secrets surrounding how we go about working with our clients to build the highest quality multi-family homes and hotels.

It’s All About Building With Tenants in Mind

Sure, a large office space for the landlord or hotel owner might be appealing to you, but will it convince tenants to move into the property, or travellers to rent it for the night? As a construction management company, we’d like to advise that your clientele should be at the forefront of your mind throughout the entire process. Satisfied tenants mean more money and a better reputation for your business in the future, after all.

Depending on the region in which you build, this could mean a facility that:

●        Has luxe common spaces. Common spaces are almost synonymous with apartment living, and they’re inseparable from the design of a modern hotel. However, simply having these places isn’t enough to attract or maintain tenants or customers. In order to stand out, your building must be designed in such a way that its common spaces reflect the luxurious lifestyle that your tenants hope to live, or that your hotel clients hope to borrow for the night. Working with construction services to facilitate this air is a great way to bring future business to your hotel or apartment complex.

●        Does not feel claustrophobic. Dark, cramped individual units can be a major turnoff for both hotel clients and future tenants alike. Open floor plans and lots of natural light are great future tenant-drawers. Don’t be afraid to bring these ideas up to your architect.

●        Is budget friendly. Yes, this might sound a bit contrary to the aforementioned points, but understand that some renters and clients might not be able to afford a luxurious living space—yes, even for a night—no matter how much they’d like to. Research local demographics and find out what’s in-demand in your area before deciding to implement expensive, social-media worthy design ideas.

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