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Services Offered by CM at Risk

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Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) is an alternative approach to the delivery of a construction project. The CM at-risk construction delivery method has been found to be a cost-effective solution design-bid-build process in a number of ways. The CM at-risk delivery applied to our design-build approach can reduce the duration of your construction project, which, in turn, helps you save money.

construction management at risk provider can be a general contractor — an independent firm — who possesses the financial as well as the technical capabilities required for a project. The CM at risk provider will consult with the owner of the project throughout the preconstruction phase of the project. The objective is to provide cost-saving expertise and superior analysis to keep the goals of the project clearly in focus.


The CMAR delivery method involves many of the same tasks as the CM method, however, the oversight is different. As your CM at-risk, we will manage all contracts and subcontracts during the entire project. The main focus of the CM at-risk during the pre-development phase is schedule coordination and cost control. As the project owner, you can choose to transfer any additional responsibilities to the CM at risk. Here are some of the services a CM at-risk provides for project owners:

  • Pre-Construction ServicesThese services mostly involve pre-construction planning. A CM at-risk can help you with pre-con planning services such as coming up with the overall budget, establishing the overall schedule, cost estimates, and much more.
  • Construction Management. A CM at-risk provides construction management services for project owners. These services are offered in the context of a defined relationship between the project owner and the CM at-risk. The CM at-risk may not have the freedom to bid for certain portions of the work.
  • General Contracting. When providing general contracting services, a CM at-risk undertakes the responsibility for the performance of the project via their own methods and means as stipulated in the contract. The CM at-risk will provide and control equipment, material, and labor to complete the project.

Other services provided by CM at-risk include Discussion and acceptance of Means and Methods and Value Engineering. As the project owner, your CM at-risk will undertake portions of the work as far as you are willing to let them. The CM at-risk will coordinate all construction services and manage individual bid packages within the construction stages of the project.

CM at-risk is the construction delivery method you need for a more collaborative process. If you are looking for a St. Cloud construction management company to provide CM at-risk services, look no further than Miller Architects & BuildersContact us today for more information about our construction at risk services.