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Making Use of Natural Light in Architectural Design

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As Minnesotans, we all know there’s nothing better than the brush of a sunbeam on our skin; it’s in short supply in our cold, Northern climate, after all! However, the sun has a bit more practical use when it comes to architectural design services.

Talented architects would be wise to wield sunlight to their advantage, as it does wonders for both the building’s aesthetics, the environment, and the client’s future energy bills. Natural light can benefit your build, the environment, and even those who work within the facility!

Intrigued? Miller Architects and Builders, a St. Cloud construction management company, sheds some light on the subject below.

Natural Sunlight + Architecture = A Perfect and Beneficial Match

Incorporating natural sunlight into your build can vary in your design, but overall can reap plenty of the same benefits. Spaces may seem a bit more open, sustainable, productive, and inviting! Design and natural light have been a great match for some time and will likely never go their separate ways; just the way we like it!

Natural Light Aids In Productivity

Studies show a connection between heightened worker productivity levels and exposure to natural sunlight, coupled with a decrease in absences. The National Institute of Health also states that adequate exposure to natural light decreases worker sick days by almost seven percent.

A staff that is happy and healthy will naturally produce great results! That beautiful skylight above your workspace can make a bigger difference than you think!

Natural Light and Sustainability

Obviously, the sun generates heat. In the wintertime, a building with good exposure to natural light can use less energy when it comes to heating costs. That same building can also use less overhead lighting in favor of natural light, yet again cutting the amount of energy used.

For an ethical, environmentally conscious company, a sustainable architectural design that makes good use of sunlight is the only way to go.

Natural Light Is Kind To Energy Bills

Wintertime heating and year-round artificial lighting systems do more than harm the environment; they also harm a business’s pocketbook. A building that makes good use of natural light while also investing in daylight-sensing overhead lights can save up to 60% on energy bills. An investment in a new, greener building will eventually pay for itself!

How to Incorporate Natural Light Into Your Design!

While we recommend adding natural light to your space, it can be hard to know how to do so. Depending on your space, Miller Architects’ knowledgeable team is more than happy to provide you with the best advice. While we would love to work hands-on with your space, we can also get you pointed in the right direction in the meantime!

Natural Light In Spaces With Heavier Traffic

Larger windows and skylights can be great solutions to adding light to spacious areas that may often have a constant flow of traffic or a good number of cubicles in one vicinity. Natural light is great to ease eye strain for those working at a desk and beneficial for resetting when migrating from one space to another!

Thinking Thoughtfully of Gathering Spaces

If you’re starting a build from scratch, you may have the option of idealizing your meeting or gathering areas. Atrium lighting is a great way to incorporate direct natural light while still keeping plenty of room for design preferences.

Atrium lighting is a larger open skylight that is built in the center with the building wrapping around. Atrium lighting is a modern and tasteful way to add architectural flare and reap the benefits of natural light.

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