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How to Plan Construction Around Material Delays

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With supply chain problems running rampant globally, businesses everywhere have been forced to shift their M.O’s to compensate, and commercial construction is no exception. This is no small feat when entire builds are on the line. Entire projects are time-sensitive, and the client’s company itself depends on the new build’s standards. In a way, two businesses are on the line!

While adjusting to work with finicky supply chains takes some getting used to, we at Miller are such old hands as commercial contractors that we’ve seen and done it all. Let’s take a closer look at a few ways that commercial construction management teams can stay on-timeline during these frankly turbulent times in the industry!

Flawless Planning Otherwise Is a Must

In commercial construction management, when it comes to planning, there’s little room for error. And now, with materials experiencing shipping delays, there’s absolutely none! Because material delays are sometimes outside of the commercial construction team’s hands, all the planning otherwise must go off without a hitch to account for any potential backups.

Capterra recommends identifying what are known as “blockers” during the planning process. These tasks must be completed before another in a given project; the aforementioned article cites the example of pouring foundation before doing masonry.

Understanding the nature of each task in the commercial construction process helps properly place it on the timeline.

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

We value communication between our architectural design services, clientele, construction managers—essentially everyone involved in the construction process. In fact, we’ve written an entire blog on why communication is crucial in construction project management.

Communication’s criticalness also applies to the relationship with material suppliers. The closer in tandem a team works with them, the more accurately they can keep track of shipping timelines, and the better they’ll be able to foresee them in the first place.

Consider Near-Sourcing

A technique not limited to the construction project management industry, near-sourcing is taking companies everywhere by storm. It refers to efforts to shorten up supply chains both geographically and in a number of steps.

When a material is closer to the construction site, and it has to make fewer stops along the way to getting there, delays can become much more manageable.

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