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How to Create the Perfect Floor Plan for Your Commercial Space

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Though it might not be as outwardly flashy an architectural design feature as others, floor plans play a critical role in the success of your build. They make sure workflow and customer logistics both go smoothly, as well as influence the vibe of your space from an interior perspective.

Floor plans are as individualized and personalized as the build itself, and finding one takes a lot of thought and tinkering on the architect’s part.

Miller Architects & Builders, your St. Cloud construction project management and architectural design company, describes how to create a floor plan that best facilitates your team and the customer experience!

Understand Privacy Versus Openness

Certain builds, like funeral parlors, may require more isolated spaces so as to better tend to customers, while retail-oriented builds may benefit from a more open approach. Understanding the roles that privacy and publicness play in your business’s industry or archetype is important to making the ideal floor plan, but so is a keen knowledge of your company’s individual working methods.

For instance, office construction runs the gamut when it comes to its prioritization of open space versus more private space. You’ll need to understand how your team works together to construct a floor plan that works for them.

Build for Expansion If Needed

It might be hard to picture where your company will be in, say, five years, given the current state of the world. But at the very least, knowing if expansion will be in your future can help design a floor plan to account for it.

We’ve all seen builds where additions are obvious or poorly placed, and these faux pas are more than just eyesores; They’re productivity-crushing blunders that ruin both the customer and employee experience.

Your build isn’t just for your business’s needs now. With luck and smart planning, it’ll be your central space for years and years to come.

Mind Redundancy

Efficient space usage is paramount in creating a build that works for your company. Every area on your architectural design’s floor plan must be marked with a clear purpose, and that purpose must not be redundant or inessential.

For instance, every business only needs so much storage space—expansion potential aside—before those spaces become better suited for other purposes, like serving customers.

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